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Should I Leave In Conditioner?

You know how they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

Well, conditioner is a curly girl’s best friend.

Diamond encrusted conditioner would take the cake, but that seems a little excessive.

ANYWAY curly haired humans love conditioner. Why? It packs in the moisture that curls need to thrive. Which is probably why there’s several kinds: you’ve got your traditional conditioner, your deep conditioner, your leave-in conditioner – there’s just so many options.

But, uh – how do you know which one you need?

It depends on the benefits – you see, not all conditioners are created equal!

Let us break it down:

Should I Leave In One Condition Decadence?

Perhaps you are someone who loves moisture and has been a longtime fan of One Condition Decadence, so much so, that you’ve been leaving it in.

This might be okay – but it really depends on your hair. This is an ultra-moisturizing conditioner with serious detangling benefits, but it’s also a little heavy – it contains ingredients like olive oil and fatty alcohols that can weigh finer, less porous hair down if it’s not rinsed out.

Which is why the bottle instructions literally read:
“After cleansing, apply conditioner to wet hair and use your fingers to gently detangle your curls, gliding through the ends to thoroughly moisturize. Rinse as needed.”

Key phrase, “rinse as needed”. It depends on your hair. If you notice your hair is feeling heavy or might even have a bit of residue, you should leave in less, or none at all, and instead, opt for a different formula.

The same goes for One Condition Original or One Condition Delight.

Should I Leave In Heaven In Hair?

Are you *GASP* someone who leaves in Heaven in Hair?!

Yep, those people exist. I’m actually one of them.

Heaven in Hair is designed to give deep conditioning benefits and boost manageability of curls – but it has very heavy moisturizing butters like cupuacu, cacua, and murumuru, and because of this a lot of people need to rinse it out.

But if your hair can take the moisture and is in fact, thirsty for it, this could be an even more hydrating option.

Your best bet? Try experimenting with how much you leave in (if any) to find your best results.

Should I Leave In Leave-In Decadence?

YES! This is the go-to when it comes to leaving in that moisture. And this is why: it contains ingredients like pequi oil and aloe vera, that are meant to stay on the hair (meaning no matter if your hair is fine or thick, or porous or not, they won’t weigh it down). These ingredients also absorb into the hair super quickly, which means they won’t cause a residue!

If your hair is easily weighed down and prone to build up, stick to something light, like Leave-In Decadence because it is literally designed to be left in the hair and not weigh your curls down.

Should I Leave In Melt into Moisture?

No. No. No. No. No.

And one more time for the people in the back – NO!

Melt into Moisture is an intense moisture treatment – it contains rich ingredients like matcha green tea butter – which when left in, can weigh the hair down, cause buildup, and will definitely leave a residue.

It’s a power packed moisture treatment, but you gotta rinse it out! The longest it should ever be left in is overnight.

In sum, when it comes to deep treatment masks, make sure you rinse those out. But if you’re looking to leave in some conditioner you can turn to One Condition, Heaven in Hair, or Leave-In Decadence – it just depends on your hair concerns and needs.

What’s your go-to leave-in routine? Share with us in the comments below!


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