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Say Yes to Healthy Hair, Even Indoors

There’s an upside for caring for your curls indoors, and yes–this includes air drying your curls without exasperating pollution or other outdoor factors such as humidity that can potentially ruin a great hair day. Living an indoor lifestyle sounds mundane, but it actually comes with perks that living a busy life outdoors can potentially hinder. However, keeping up with curl maintenance outside of the salon does take some adjusting, especially for us curlfriends who have learned everything from a curly specialist, and haven’t really given curl maintenance indoors a chance.

Here’s a few tips for maintaining healthy hair and practical tips on combating problems that can arise from an indoor lifestyle.

Do Your Research

If you’re staying indoors, there’s a newfound feeling of having an abundance of time that can be spent in pampering yourself, and other acts of self-care. To rid yourself of that lazy feeling that may arise while living an indoor lifestyle, use your time to learn more about your hair texture and the best healthy hair practices for your curls. If you’re looking for a curls crash course check out our Curl 101 page on

Find a Curl Maintenance Routine That Works For You

Look at it this way, staying indoors gives you time back that you’ve always needed to get to know your curls better. There’s no pressure to keep up with your regular natural or protective styles and you have an abundance of time to work on a routine that works best for your curls. When in doubt, remember–cleanse, condition, and style (in that order)! If your curls are craving moisture and definition, try using Leave-In Decadence while styling your curls, and adding Ultra Defining Gel into your curl routine.

Deep Conditioning and Detangling Are Your New Best Friends

The best part about being indoors is not having to keep up with regular appearances AKA you can go days without washing your hair for detangling your curls. To keep your curls healthy, soft, and detangled use your extra time to deep condition your curls with a moisturizing hair mask such as Melt Into Moisture, after cleansing your hair and scalp with Buildup Buster and detangling with Wash Day Wonder.

How have you been taking care of your curls indoors? Let us know below!


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