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Routine Basics: Your Best Hair Cleanser and Conditioner

Even though it may seem like common knowledge to some, choosing the right cleanser and conditioner is so important—especially for textured hair. If you’re stuck on what type of cleanser and conditioner is right for you or how to properly cleanse curly hair, we got you covered! Today, we’re breaking down the basics of the best hair cleanser and conditioner for you.

The importance of cleansers and conditioners

Finding the right cleanser and conditioner for your hair is crucial to perfecting your wash day routine. To keep it simple—the job of a cleanser is to rid the scalp and hair of excess oils, skin cells, product buildup, and odor. If your scalp and hair aren’t clean, it can lead to all sorts of problems such as clogged hair follicles, dandruff and other scalp irritation, weighed down curls, and more. Conditioners are just as important because they provide a much-needed moisture replenishment after cleansing. Curls need more moisture than straight hair because the spiral shape of the hair strand makes it more difficult for the natural oils from your scalp to travel down the shaft.

For curlies, using a cleanser and conditioner combo that works for your hair and its needs is the first step to juicy, healthy, hydrated curls. If you’re using the wrong cleanser or conditioner that don’t clean or hydrate your hair properly, it could cause product buildup, heavy curls, and even breakage.

Choosing the best hair cleanser

If you’re thinking of trying out a new cleanser from Deva, let us help you find the right one for you!

If you have finer hair that tends to get weighed down easily, our Low-Poo Delight is perfect for you. It cleanses hair through a light lather by fighting oil buildup. Like with all Deva cleansers, it’s also SLS/SLES sulfate-free so you don’t have to worry about it drying out your hair!

Have fine to medium density hair? Try Low-Poo Original! It provides the same light lather as Low-Poo Delight, but more moisture to strands that can handle it.

If you’re familiar with DevaCurl, you’ve probably heard of No-Poo Original by now. No-Poo Original is great for curlies that need that extra hydration in their life. It’s a no lather formula so it requires a bit of getting used to but once you go No-Poo, you never go back.

No-Poo Blue is a very similar formula to our No-Poo Original, but it was made for people with lightened hair to cancel out any brassy or orange tones. Unlike traditional blue or purple shampoos, No-Poo Blue won’t leave your hair feeling dry or stringy.

Lastly, if you find that your hair is always dry and in need of moisture, try cleansing with No-Poo Decadence. Like the original formula, No-Poo Decadence gently cleanses the scalp and hair, but it’s packed with a punch of hydration! We recommend our Decadence line for thicker hair that doesn’t get weighed down easily.

Choosing the best hair conditioner

Now that you’ve gotten your cleanser picked out, let’s find the right conditioner.

One Condition Delight is great for those who have fine waves or curls that get weighed down easily. It provides lightweight moisture so that your hair feels hydrated but not heavy or greasy.

Like our No-Poo Original, One Condition Original provides essential moisture to help not only with hydration, but also with detangling in the shower. Pro tip: leave a bit of One Condition Original in your hair before styling to keep your curls moisturized until your next wash day!

One Condition Decadence is for curlies who need mega moisture and slip during wash day. It also helps to strengthen hair and reduce breakage when used with No-Poo Decadence!

Amplify your results

If you’re really ready to up your cleansing and conditioning game to the next level, we have a few products that will make your wash day a breeze.

Buildup Buster is a gentle clarifying cleanser that rids the hair of hard water minerals, product buildup, excess oils, and skin cells. Unlike traditional clarifying cleansers, it’s made without sulfates, so your strands won’t feel parched or squeaky clean afterwards.

Melt Into Moisture is a deep conditioner that provides a mega dose of hydration for thirsty curls. You can use it in the shower or apply a cap over your hair and let it sit. Deep Sea Repair is our other treatment mask that can help strengthen hair and reduce breakage. It’s made with proteins to treat hair from the inside out. We recommend using Deep Sea Repair before and after you heat style your hair!

Have you tried any of our cleansers and conditioners? If so, what are your favorites? Let us know below!


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