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Return to Devachan or a Deva-Certified Stylist for Your Post-Quarantine Trim

If you’re like most of us after weeks in quarantine, your curls are in need of a good trim!

And now that salons around the country are reopening, it’s time to give those curls the professional treatment they need.

Our own Devachan Salons in Soho and the Upper West Side of NYC will reopen on July 6 and we are so excited to welcome back our Devas! Not in NYC? No worries! You can still get our signature DevaCut, Transformation Service, and Pintura Highlights with a Deva-Certified Stylist. We have these Deva-trained curl specialists around the country—visit our Stylist Finder to find one near you.

The New Salon Experience

As you are probably already aware, the salon experience, no matter the area you are in, will be a bit different post-COVID-19. Devachan has put in new practices to help ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience while you are in our salons. This includes extensive disinfecting, social distancing, limiting the number of people in the salon, appointment-only services, a virtual waiting area, cashless payments, and required use of PPE. You can read about our new health practices here.

 Your salon will probably have similar measures in place. We recommend checking with your salon so you are aware of their new policies before you arrive for your appointment.

Head to a Curly Hair Salon for these Deva Services

Post-quarantine, your curls may be ready for our signature DevaCut. This dry-cutting technique is designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super curly. Your hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while in its dry, natural state.

If you only need a trim, you may opt for our DevaCut Express Service. This quick, dry-dusting and reshaping service takes 30 minutes or less—no washing. It’s the perfect touch-up for in between full DevaCuts—and if you want to limit the time you are in the salon. 

If weeks inside has left you longing to brighten up your look, try Pintura Highlights. This award-winning highlighting technique is designed to complement your DevaCut, adding both brilliant color and dimension to any natural texture. The color is “painted” on individual curl strands so your stylist can highlight specific areas that will add the most pop.

And the perfect way to complete your salon visit is with a DevaCurl Transformation Service. This luxurious, customized service begins with a botanical-infused cleansing and conditioning of your curls, followed by a styling and coaching session from your stylist so you can properly care for your curls at home. 

Prepare Your Hair Prior to Your Appointment

It’s best to arrive at the salon with your hair completely dry, detangled, and in its natural state, free of ponytail holders, clips or other hair accessories. We also recommend that you perform your full wash day routine 3-5 days before your appointment. Start with Buildup Buster in place of your regular cleanser to deeply cleanse your hair and help remove product and hard water buildup. Wet your curls thoroughly and use the targeted applicator nozzle to apply directly to your scalp. Scrub it in with your fingertips and then scrub it out the same way too. Follow with your favorite One Condition formula or a deep conditioning treatment like Melt Into Moisture or Deep Sea Repair depending on what your hair needs most. Follow with your favorite stylers and use DevaFresh to refresh and give curls a boost before your appointment.

Tips to Get In and Out of the Salon Quicker

In addition to our DevaCut Express Service, there are a few other ways to get in and out of the salon quicker. You can skip the sink and schedule your full DevaCut without the Transformation Service. Your stylist will cut your hair dry and refresh your set in the chair. If you do schedule a Transformation Service and the weather is good, skip the dryer and let your hair dry naturally—the perfect wash and go!

Our stylists are excited to see their clients and we’re sure yours is too! Whatever Deva services you choose, we’re sure you and your curls will look and feel great!


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