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Retro Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

This spring, it’s out with the new and in with the old! We are taking a step back in time to get inspired for a new ‘do this season! These styles are perfect for a variety of hair types and have been sported on the red carpet and have been taking social media by storm. So, let’s do the time warp!

Modern Curly Mullet

The modern mullet is having a moment! It’s an 80s classic that is having a comeback! Recently, Miley is having a mullet moment, Rihanna has rocked it, and Billie Eilish brought it back too!

Luckily for our curly queens, the rediscovered style looks most modern on women with natural curls.

Here’s an easy styling tip for a mullet, dry using our DevaFuser to prevent frizz (we are going for timeless, not Tiger King here)!

The mullet is bold, rebellious, and perfect for this season!

Long Curly Bangs

Longing for the sunny days of the 70s? Maybe it’s time to bring back the long curly bangs of the decade!

This look has also been called the curtain bang and we have seen some naturally curly celebs like Selena Gomez. But of course, the original queen of 70s curly bangs, of course, was Stevie Nicks. And come on, her style is what ‘Dreams’ are made of!

The key is to keep them long enough to allow room for shrinkage and have them cut according to your face shape and hair length.

So it’s time to step back to the 70s!

Curly Shag Cut

Speaking of the 70s, how about a classic shag for the spring? With low-maintenance and tons of texture it’s been said the shag could end up being the top hair trend of 2021. Talk about rock and roll!

It doesn’t matter if your hair has a soft subtle wave or tighter curls, a curly shag cut is a great option! The key to styling is accentuating the layers and bringing out your natural texture. It’s best to let this style air dry and add only a little mousse and oil to the ends of your strands.

If you need some more inspo look no further than Taylor Swift, Zendaya and Natasha Lyonne who all sport the shag. And, looking back rock and roll icons, Debbie Harry and Joan Jett were early pioneers of the style.

Maybe this is your post-lockdown look!

Swooped Bangs With an Updo

For this style we are taking a step back into the 60s and exploring a timeless look!

Think classy Audry Hepburn or sassy Amy Winehouse for some style inspiration that has graced red carpets and casual outings for decades!

If you’re looking for a change without a big cut or commitment styling curly hair with swoop bangs could be a great fit for you!

Bowl Cut

Now, we’ve come to a cut that might be seen as controversial, but if you’re ready for a more dramatic look this could be for you.

When you hear bowl cut, you probably think of a heinous haircut mom might give you. Or maybe you think about The Beatles, who totally revolutionized the bowl cut in the 60s.

But, that’s not what we are talking about!

Starlets like Charlize Theron, Ruby Rose, Rhianna and Zendaya (what style can’t she slay?!) have shown us that the bowl cut can not only be glamorous, but edgy and fun too! Not to mention, a bowl cut on curly hair brings some extra vavoom to really bring the style into the 21st century!

So put the mod in modern bowl cut! As you can see it is a far cry from an episode of mom playing hairdresser in the kitchen before picture day— you’ll actually end up picture perfect this time!

Sleep-In Braids

This heatless styling method has been around for decades and for a good reason! It’s time-tested, effortless and perfect for all of our curlfriends!

Here’s another style that you don’t have to make a full commitment to, but can still give you retro vibes!

Plus, this style is perfect for protecting your curls while you sleep because braiding hair is one of the best ways to keep it in place overnight and wake up with a groovy ‘do.

So now we have to talk about what kind of braids might be best for you! It’s key to make the braids with damp—not wet—damp hair!

French braids will give curls the most definition and regular braids will do the trick too, you’ll just need to braid a few more strands. For a looser look, go ahead and try looser braids!

Not only are sleep-in braids a fun and heatless way to style hair it will also whisk you away to the sunnier days of decades before!

So, while brick cell phones and parachute pants may never come back into fashion, these iconic looks are back in a big way. So let us know what retro hairstyles for curly hair you’ll be rockin’ this spring!



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