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Restock Your DevaCurl Essentials

If one of your resolutions for 2020 was to take care of your curls, you’ve come to the right place. Today on the blog, we’re breaking down the must-have products you need in your collection to keep your curls looking healthy all 2020 and beyond!

A Clarifying Cleanser

The first step to transforming your curls is to use a clarifying cleanser. Washing your hair with a clarifying cleanser 1-2x a month helps to rid the curls and scalp of product buildup, dry skin, hard water, and more. This helps products to work their curl magic without weighing down your hair.

Buildup Buster is a first-of-its-kind micellar water clarifying cleanser that pulls dirt, buildup, and pollutants from the scalp leaving hair feeling super clean without stripping the oils that you need. If you want to learn more about Buildup Buster, check out this blog post.

A Microfiber Towel

Say it with us, no terrycloth! Drying with a normal towel made out of terrycloth is way too rough on your curls which can lead to frizz. Using a microfiber towel, like the DevaTowel, is much gentler on your curls and more absorbent too!

A Sulfate-Free Cleanser

Most cleansers are filled with harsh sulfates that can strip curly hair of the moisture it needs. That’s exactly the reason why we came out with No-Poo over 20 years ago. Since then, we have expanded our line of sulfate-free cleansers to cater to all types of curls and moisture needs.

A Deep Conditioner

If you have wavy or curly hair, you need a deep conditioner in your routine. Deep conditioning your curls a few times a month provides your hair with much-needed moisture, especially throughout the winter months. Our favorite deep conditioners are Melt Into Moisture, Heaven In Hair, and Deep Sea Repair.

A Gel

Last but certainly not least, a gel is a must in everyone’s routine. A lot of curlies tend to shy away from gels because they feel like it will make their hair crunchy and hard. Unlike other gels, DevaCurl gels create a cast on the hair that is meant to be scrunched out once your hair is dry. This will leave curls feeling soft, touchable, and defined, without the crunch!

What are your must-have curly products? Sound off below!


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