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DevaCurl’s Joining RENT’s Musical Tour!

RENT Musical Tour with DevaCurl - Featured Hero Image

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets
In midnights, in pumps of SuperCream

Okay, you’re probably confused. Let me back up a bit.

Did you know RENT is celebrating its 20-year anniversary? And is currently in the middle of a World Wide Tour?! Yeah, we know it’s super exciting. But what’s even cooler? The cast is taking DevaCurl with them!

We’re going to introduce you to the curly cast behind the hit musical and teach you their 525,600 secrets for keeping their curls on point (Okay, maybe there’s not THAT many secrets).

Playing the sassy Mimi Marquez (not clad only in bubble wrap) is Skyler Volpe.

Q. Tell us about Mimi?

A. She’s a bold, confident, young woman who is HIV+ and grappling with her own mortality while living her life as fully as she can. I love that Mimi doesn’t have everything figured out, but still chooses to live life to the fullest every day. She tackles life head on with arms wide open, ready to take on whatever is coming her way.

Q. Tell us about your curls? Do feel like they bring out your inner Mimi?

A. My hair is curly, and I LOVE it. I always have. The texture ranges from super tight ringlets to bigger bouncier curls. Mimi has a lot of attitude and my curls help convey that. Actually – we usually add quite a bit of hair extensions to my head , so I have even more to play with. (Bring on those sassy hair flips!)

Q. What are some of your best hair tips for caring for your curls?

A. I keep my hair really moisturized, but other than that I let it be. My curls react to everything- new products, changes in the weather, changes to my mood, so I let them do whatever they need or want to do. The less I mess with my curls the better they look!

Q. Walk us through how you style your hair?

A. First, I wash and condition my hair with DevaCurl No-Poo Decadence and One Condition Decadence. After that, I use SuperCream on my curls and use clips to lift and separate my hair at the roots to add some more volume (the bigger the better!). Then I air dry my hair with the clips in.

Once a week I’ll deep condition with Heaven in Hair. I’ll leave it in for an hour before I rinse it out—it makes my hair feel super soft and makes my curls extra bouncy. When it’s show time, I add my extensions into my hair and spray everything with Mist-er Right to make sure my curls are hydrated and refreshed.


Portraying Mark Cohen (who, yes is curly in this musical run) is Danny Harris Kornfeld. His curls are almost as adorable as he is.

Q. Tell us about your character?

A. I play Mark Cohen.  He is an aspiring filmmaker living in NYC’s east village.  He is also the narrator of RENT. Mark is an observer.  He gets to watch the action of the show pan-out on top of joining in on all the fun. I’m drawn to his passion for creating art that is meaningful and not necessarily commercially successful.

Q. Describe your hair?

A. I have a big ol’ thick head of curls.  I like to think that since using Deva products the body of my hair is still there but the volume has been controlled significantly in the best way possible.  I have tight ringlets that give off a “I just got out of bed, but it’s still sexy kinda look”. (We’re nodding vigorously).  A little bit of mess is what I like.  I don’t like my hair looking too polished.

Q. Do you feel like your hair contributes to the personality of your character?

A. Absolutely. Mark is energetic and spontaneous.  I like to think my hair is as well.  There’s life in it and never consistency.

Q. How do you care for your hair?

A. Whatever my hair is doing, I always apply Styling Cream. I can do this to wet or dry hair and the curls take form. Then I set it with DevaCurl Set It Free. I never run a towel through my hair. Deva taught me that it will make it frizz. Also I’ve learned to just embrace it. Don’t try fighting what your hair naturally wants to do.


Playing the take-no-punches Joanne is the fabulous Jasmine Easler. ICYMI Joanne Jefferson is a Harvard Graduate who works as a pro bono lawyer in NYC. Aka she’s awesome.

Q. Jasmine, what do you love most about playing Joanne?

A. I love that she’s assertive and confident in everything she does! She’s not afraid to stand up for her opinions and what she thinks is right.

Q. Tell us about your hair. Do you feel like it contributes to Joanne?

A. My hair has a couple different textures but the majority is 4B and medium length. And absolutely! Our show is set in 1990 and although many women at that time weren’t wearing afros, Joanne is bold and she’s very connected to her ethnic roots. It makes sense that she would want to wear her hair natural. (See BAMF in the dictionary).

Q. How do you style your hair for the show?

A.  My process is pretty simple. I start out with a palm sized amount of DevaCurl SuperCream, or any moisturizer/leave-in conditioner. My challenge and my goal is to retain as much moisture as I can for my curls.  Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

After rubbing it onto my fingertips, I apply it to my roots. I spray a mix of coconut oil and shea butter onto my ends and then I begin picking out my hair, shaping it into an even afro.

Tell us, which RENT character was your absolute fave? And which song? You know you have a favorite. I think I’m still obsessed with Tom Collins. I’ll Cover You is relationship goals.