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Quarantine Care for your Curls

We know it’s been rough not being able to see your hairstylist during this difficult time, especially for us curly girls and guys but trust us when we say this…put down the scissors and the box dye. Today, we’re going to give you some tips straight from our stylists on how to keep your waves and curls healthy at home while you wait for your favorite salon to reopen!

Deep condition…and then deep condition some more

Latoya Moore, a stylist at our Devachan salon, says “This is the perfect time for curlies to take advantage of doing deep conditioning treatments at least once a week. I recommend leaving the deep conditioner on for 15-30 minutes or even overnight to keep the curls moisturized until you can get a cut!”

Doing deep conditioning treatments regularly helps hydrate your curls which can help with frizz and the appearance of dry ends. Plus, hydrated curls = lower maintenance which means you don’t have to worry about using as many styling products while you’re chilling at home!

Make your style last longer

We know that most people are washing their hair less during quarantine (and we don’t blame you) so getting the most out of your wash day is going to be key! Devachan stylist, Mia Emilio says one of her favorite tips is to spray Flexible Hold Hairspray over her gel cast to prolong her set. Once your hair is dry, scrunch out the cast and you’re good to go!

Wait for the professionals

We know it’s tempting to snip off those ends or switch it up and dye your hair but try and wait for your salon to reopen to do anything major to your curls. Nicolle Lemonds, a colorist at our Devachan salon notes that it’s important to listen to your colorist when it comes to coloring your hair because they know what your hair can handle. Plus, if you end up coloring your hair at home and something goes wrong, it will end up costing you more money in the long run to get it color corrected by a stylist!

If you’re noticing more brassy tones in your color, you can try using a toning cleanser like No-Poo Blue to reduce those orangey tones before you can go see your colorist.

Rock a protective style

What better time to play around with different styles than when you’re in the house?! Don’t be afraid to try out new looks like braids, locs, twists, and more! Wearing a protective style will not only be a new look for you to try, but it also means that your curls can stay healthier longer because less washing and styling is involved! Devachan stylist, Dominique LyVar says to use a bit of Heaven In Hair before doing a protective style to ensure that your curls are properly moisturized and protected!

Give your curls a time-out

When all else fails, think of this as the perfect time to give your curls a break from styling, blow drying, heavy washing, etc. and just let them breathe! Try using a clarifying cleanser like Buildup Buster and just leave your hair to dry naturally. Think of it as a reset for your hair 😉

Have any at-home curl care questions? Leave them in the comments below!


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