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Prepping for 2021 Fall Hair Trends

Love it or hate it, autumn is officially here which means it’s the perfect time to switch up your look and adjust your haircare routine to meet the changing temperature. Fall brings cool, crisp air that can cause dryness and dull locks. Today, we’re breaking down all of the products and 2021 fall hair trends so that you can step into the new season feeling fierce!

Must-Have Products for Fall

Because cold weather is right around the corner, it’s super important to change your haircare routine to provide more moisture to your strands. The cold air outside mixed with the dry, warm air inside can wreak havoc on your curls causing major dryness which leads to split ends, frizz, and breakage. Cold air can also dry out your scalp causing itching and flaking. If dry curls and/or scalp is something you deal with when it’s cold out, we have the perfect products for you!

Instead of using a traditional shampoo packed with sulfates (which are known to dry out hair), try opting for a zero-lather cleanser and creamy conditioner like our No-Poo Original and One Condition Original. This classic cleanser and conditioner duo are perfect for medium to coarse waves, curls, and coils and work to provide rich moisture while also cleansing and controlling frizz.

Don’t forget the scalp care! Our new line of scalp products is a must once the weather gets cooler as they’re made to keep the scalp healthy to allow for new hair to grow. Scalp Puri(pH)y is a rinse-off scalp exfoliator that works to remove buildup, impurities, and exfoliates the scalp without using harsh exfoliants that can get caught in the hair. Scalp D(pH)ense is great for people who suffer from a dry scalp as it nourishes the skin without feeling greasy or oily. Both of these scalp products can also be used while wearing extensions and protective styles!

Need to add more moisture to your styling routine? You’ve come to the right place. Styling Cream and SuperCream are two of our best-selling products—and for good reason. Styling Cream is a rich cream styler that provides frizz control, definition, and hydration all without the crunch. SuperCream gives curls all of the same benefits as Styling Cream but provides even more moisture for extra thirsty strands.

Along with the fall time comes holidays and celebrations which means you’re more likely to put your curls under stress including heat styling, brushing, friction, and more. If this sounds like you, it’s time to add FlexFactor to your routine! FlexFactor was made to help you switch from blowouts to braids to updos to twists, all without damaging your curls. It reduces heat damage up to 55% and protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees. Plus, it’s super lightweight and makes your hair feel incredibly soft!

Fall Haircut Inspiration

Is it time for a haircut? We’ve got you covered! Our Deva-trained stylists all over the country have been creating some amazing shapes to help you play into the fall hair trends.

The shag has been everywhere recently and us curly people are ready to play into this trend!

Speaking of shag, who else is tempted to get some curly bangs? We love how curly bangs can shape the face and they’re much easier to take care of during the fall since you don’t have to worry about fun in the sun.

It’s all about the shape this season. Try chatting with your Deva stylist to see what shape will work best for your curls and what will be easiest for you to manage.

Make sure to check out our stylist finder tool to find a Deva-trained stylist in your area!

Best Fall Colors

We couldn’t talk about fall hair trends without giving some color inspiration!

If you still want a little pop of light in your curls, opt for caramel pintura highlights. Pintura is a method of highlighting curly hair where each highlight is hand painted on to really make the texture of the curl pop.

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean we have to give up the bright colors! For the cooler weather, try incorporating different shades of the same color to give some dimension.

Coppers are all the rage right now and they’re perfect for the fall time!

If you color your hair, make sure to check out our CurlBond line to help repair any damage caused by chemicals and protect from future damage!

Simple Fall Hairstyles

Sick of wash ‘n’ gos? Try extending your wash day with an easy hairstyle to spice up your look.

Create an easy braided headband by braiding two small sections of hair on one side of the head and crossing it over to the other side. Secure it with a bobby pin.

Space buns are always a fun option and all you need are hair ties and a few bobby pins!

Use silk or satin scarves to style your curls for those day when you really can’t be bothered to refresh!

What are your curls plans this fall Devas? Let us know below!


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