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Pintura Highlights or Balayage Hair?

One thing to love about being a curlfriend is that you can try new hairstyles to keep your curls interesting and popping. What better way to show off your illustrious bouncy curls than to spruce things up and add a little pop of color from time to time? If you’re not into permanent color—it’s totally cool. There are temporary options such as hair paint that can tint the color of your curls for a limited amount of time and will allow you to dip and dabble with hair coloring without the risk of any permanent damage. The good news is—even with permanent hair coloring options, not every method is harmful. Depending on your curl type, you may be able to color your curls through a Pintura or Balayage service. What’s the difference you may ask? Let’s find out! If you’re looking for a little pop of color and decide which look is better for you, check out to book an appointment at our Devachan Salon locations in New York City, or use our stylist finder to find a Deva-Certified colorist near you.

What is Balayage?

Balayage mimics the iconic Hollywood blonde look that celebrities love—the classic beachy ombre look with darker colored roots that lighten up towards the ends. You can tell the difference between balayage and a regular coloring service when the lightening of the ends of your curls are more intense compared to the other sections of your hair. Remember, Balayage is not to be mistaken with the infamous “ombre” look, but rather the technique that can create this look.

What are the benefits of Balayage highlights and how does it work?

While Balayage is one of the few hair coloring techniques that doesn’t require using foil, it’s still an amazing technique to see as colorists visually paint your hair. It gives a more artistic and multi-dimensional look to your hair that can either lighten or darken the roots of your hair, trickling down to the ends of your curls. The benefits of Balayage are the results of gorgeous lightened curls!

What is Pintura?

The Pintura method allows colorists to pinpoint exactly which strands of curls look better with different shades of color (lightening, highlighting), to give your style the overall pop of color it needs by adding dimension, and versatility to your hair texture. It’s essentially a method to highlight the hair by painting curl by curl.

DevaCurl has been using this method for more than 20 years—and it is strictly used by Deva Certified Stylists who live for giving your curl style and texture the transformation it needs!

What are the benefits of Pintura?

The benefits are not only just a head of colored curls and a brand-new look, but a more precise and accurate measurement of how many of your curls are colored piece by piece. This will allow your stylists to decide which sections of your hair need more color than others and how your colored curls will fall in contrast to your normal hair color.

How Does Pintura Work?

Devachan Colorist, Nicolle Lemonds suggests preparing for the Pintura process with a clean slate, and trimmed ends. “You definitely need to start with freshly trimmed hair for the best color results. A color process can bring out any split ends or previous color or heat damage even if it wasn’t visible before and you don’t want to get a new color only to end up with frayed or damaged ends.”

Then during your appointment, your colorist will chat with you before getting started to ensure they’re clear on the look you’re going for. Then, your colorist will mix up the perfect shade for you and start painting curl by curl (without foils!). Afterwards, they will rinse out the dye and cleanse and style your curls to your liking.

How do Balayage highlights and Pintura highlights compare?

In short, Pintura and Balayage are pretty similar with one key difference: Pintura is a process when each curl is individually painted without foil, while the Balayage technique colors larger sections at a time so the coloring is less precise. While both methods can work for curly hair, Pintura was made exclusively for curls to really help those spirals pop.

Have you tried out Pintura highlights yet? Have any questions about getting them? If so, let us know below!


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