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Own Wash Day! Introducing Wash Day Wonder

Are you a curly haired human?

Congrats, you’re on the right blog.

But also, this probably resonates with you:

Also this:

The struggle is so real y’all.

And nobody understands that quite like DevaCurl, which is why, TODAY IS A VERY EXCITING DAY.


No seriously.

We know we say this all the time, we hype you up, but this time you should truly be freaking out.

I’m talking, you just found out you’re going to meet Beyonce excited.


^ Actually me, as I write this blog post.

Introducing, our newest baby:

Wash Day Wonder, Pre Cleanse Slip Detangler.

We’re gonna let you have a minute.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Introducing our newest treatment product, designed specifically for wash day. It is an intense detangler that is loaded with so much slip, it might as well be a literal slip and slide.

Each bottle should come with its own caution sign.


Why did we do this!?

Um, well if you’ve ever detangled curly hair you know how difficult it can be.

It takes so much time.

It’s incredibly painful.

You break brushes, and combs, and get a heck of an arm work out.

The sound of hair ripping permanently gets lodged in your mind.

It’s just—it’s not cute. And it’s something that every curly girl (or guy) has experienced at some point in their lives.

We knew we could do better, that this could be easier, and that solution is here.