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Our Guide on How to Maintain Wavy Hair

Although taking care of wavy hair may seem easy, just like other natural textures, it comes with its fair share of struggles (ahem, low to no volume for starters.) While no one routine will work for everyone, we want to share some tips on how to take care of wavy hair so you can achieve the glorious beachy, defined, voluminous waves of your dreams!

Re-evaluate your product stash

The first step on your wavy journey is to take a look at the products you’re using. If you find that your products are full of heavy silicones and drying sulfates, this is probably the time to ditch them. Heavy, or even overly-moisturizing, products are going to weigh down your waves and make it difficult to get that definition and volume you’re looking for. Instead, switch to something with lightweight moisture (like Low-Poo Delight and One Condition Delight) so you don’t have to sacrifice moisture for weighed-down waves.

As with any natural texture, you are going to want to deep condition. Unlike curly or super curly hair, you may not need to deep condition as often. Usually 1-2x a month should do the trick.

For styling products, you’re going to want to think about what you want from your waves and see if you have stylers that could help achieve that. If you’re looking for definition, are you using a gel? If you want volume, have you tried a foam or a mousse? If you want added texture and body, have you tried a cream? The list can go on! Figure out what you want and what works best for you and take it from there.

Apply your styling products…the right way

While there are many methods and techniques to applying styling products, the real star of the show for wavy hair is scrunching. Scrunching your styling products into your waves will help evenly distribute the product and actually help encourage wave definition.

If you’re looking for added volume, pop in some clips at the roots while your hair is still damp and remove them once your hair is completely dry. Viola! Easy va-va-voom volume.

Make sure you’re adding in your products while your hair is soaking wet so the waves can clump properly. Once they’re dry, scrunch out the cast to reveal defined waves!

Air-dry vs. diffuse

Whether you choose to air-dry or diffuse is really up to you! Just like product routines, drying techniques work differently for everyone. If you do choose to diffuse, make sure to keep it on low heat and low speed to avoid any unwanted frizz.

Leave any questions you have about maintaining wavy hair below and check out our products for waves here.