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New Year Hairstyles

What better way to kick off 2021 than with some curly hairstyle inspiration? We know it can be easy to fall into a rut of only rocking wash and go’s or the pineapple but contrary to popular belief, curly hair has just as much versatility when it comes to different hairstyles as straight hair (if not more!). If you’re looking for inspiration for new year hairstyles for 2021, look no further!

Bedazzled updo

If you have an event to go to (you know, post-pandemic) or you just want to dress up for your next Zoom party, this bedazzled updo is a really simple and gorgeous look! What’s great about this updo is that you can really experiment with different hair accessories for different looks.

Pinned back

If you’re in a rush and need a hairstyle that will take you 30 seconds (literally), this pinned back look is for you! If you want to jazz it up a bit, add a fabric bow on top of where the two strands of hair meet. Make sure to finish it off with some Flexible Hold Hairspray to help keep your style in place!

Jazz up your pineapple

Are you a lover of the pineapple? Feel free to play your look up with a printed head scarf! This style is a great option for that final day before wash day because only some of your curls are peeking out, but you still look put together and cute. If your ends are looking dry, scrunch a bit of High Shine into them to add moisture and shine.

Rock those braids

If you’re rocking a protective style this winter, you can still experiment and have fun with your look! This pulled back style is super easy and can be adjusted based on the hair accessories you have on hand.

Waves for days

Don’t worry wavies, we got you too! This twisted back wavy hairstyle works on all types of textures and can look elegant or casual depending on the hair accessories you choose. Because wavy hair can fall flat when manipulated too much, make sure to only touch the hair you need to and finish with Flexible Hold Hairspray.

What styles are you rocking in 2021? Let us know below and make sure to give us a follow on Instagram for more hairstyle inspiration to last you throughout the year!


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