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All About the New DevaCut Express!

A few weeks ago, we launched the newest addition to our product line, DevaFresh. In short, DevaFresh is a curl and scalp revitalizer that helps to control odor, moisturize, fight frizz, add volume, and more. It’s essentially a miracle worker. Learn more about DevaFresh here if you haven’t had the chance yet!

What you may not know, is that we also launched a new in-salon cutting service called the DevaCut Express to accompany the launch of DevaFresh.

What is the DevaCut express you ask? Keep reading to learn all about the curly version of a trim!

What is the DevaCut Express service?

The DevaCut Express Service is a dry-cutting reshaping service for all natural textures that takes 30 minutes or less. No sink work required!

Who is the best candidate for the DevaCut Express service?

Keep in mind that this new service is not intended for every client. In short, if you are or have a first-time DevaCut client, this is not the ideal service. Instead, the DevaCut Express is more of a dusting and trimming service designed to keep the shape and health of the curls in between full DevaCuts.

We recommend this service for clients who have had a full DevaCut within the past 3 months. The condition of the hair can also play a factor in determining if the client is the right candidate for the DevaCut Express. If the client’s last cut was over 3 months ago or their hair is in poor condition, we recommend a full DevaCut.

How should I/my client prep the curls before coming in for this service?

We recommend coming in on your/their favorite curl day. If that’s day 2 curls, you/they should plan accordingly. It should be detangled and styled as normal.

How much does the DevaCut Express cost?

We recommend pricing the service at 1/3rd of the price of a standard DevaCut. This means that all stylists will have different costs (just like the original DevaCut) so if you’re a client, make sure to confirm with the stylist or front desk staff before coming in!

What products are used during this cut?

DevaFresh only! We created this service to involve zero sink work or styling in order to get the client in and out of the chair as fast as possible. This means that the stylist only needs DevaFresh to help reshape the curl and calm down any frizz caused during the cut.

Want to learn more about DevaFresh and the DevaCut Express service? Click here!