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Must-Have Thanksgiving Curly Hairstyles For Virtual Hangouts

With 2020 being well…2020, we are having to make shifts to our holidays by toning down celebrations to just the people we live with or virtual get-togethers. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your cute holiday looks! Keep reading to get some inspiration for Thanksgiving hairstyles that you can rock at home or on Zoom.

Half up, half down

If you have curly bangs, this Thanksgiving hairstyle is perfect for you! Simply section out the top layer of your curls and secure them in a ponytail on top on your head. Finish your look with a cute hair bow accessory in an autumn color like maroon or brown to really give off those Thanksgiving vibes! If your curls lost a bit of their definition and are looking frizzy after putting them up, no worries! Spritz some DevaFresh on curls to redefine and moisturize them.

Pinned back

This hairstyle is great for all curl textures and it’s super simple! All you need is a few bobby pins and some High Shine. Part hair on one side and start twisting one section of hair towards the back of your head. Secure it with a bobby pin or clip. Repeat this process on two more sections of your hair. Spray a bit of High Shine onto your hands and scrunch into your curls for that shine anyone will be able to see through your webcam.

The pineapple

Who says pineapples have to be just for sleeping? If you’re in need of a wash day, this Thanksgiving hairstyle will be right up your alley! Gather all of your curls and secure them in a loose ponytail on top of your head. Accessorize with a cute scarf or headband to jazz up your look. Slick down any flyaways by spraying a bit of Flexible Hold Hairspray into your hands and then smoothing down any frizz.

Accessorize it

If you struggle in the hairstyling department (like I do), this is by far the easiest way to level up your look for Thanksgiving. Simply take a section of your curls on one side of your head and pin it back using fashionable clips that feature pearls, rhinestones, or fun patterns! Emulsify a tiny bit of Beautiful Mess in between your fingers and slick back any frizz or baby hairs.

What are your plans this holiday? Will you be rocking any of these super cute Thanksgiving hairstyles? Let us know down below!


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