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Mother’s Day Letters: Kai and Kaikea

My daughter,

Kaikea, you carry a strong name, one from our Hawaiian ancestors, it means “the flowers that blossom with the morning mist.”

I carried you for 9 months, felt you grow and make little flutters in my tummy. During those 9 months of pregnancy, I thought about what sort of mother I would be to my daughter. I was honestly worried. Through my pregnancy I indulged in many amazing books, so I could learn about self-love, self-worth, and how to be a beacon of light. The more I read, the less stressed I became. I knew I had gained the tools and knowledge to teach you how to love and accept yourself!

A lot of my life I struggled trying to please everyone all around me and at the end of the day it just made me absolutely miserable. My physical appearance used to be the only thing that mattered, until you came along.

I struggled everyday on my hair journey to love my natural curls. But when you came along, I knew that I didn’t want you to feel the same insecurities about your own hair. I realized that the battle with myself was internal, not external. I realized that I had to be strong, so you could be stronger. I had to be wise so you could be wiser. I had to love myself so you could love yourself more.  And so I began my journey to loving my hair, that translated into loving myself as a whole.

It is my hope that insecurity (whether it be about your hair or body image) will never stop you from doing what you love to do. I hope you pass along the knowledge of love and self-acceptance to others that so badly need it.

 You, my STRONG, FIERY, FIERCE, SASSY, daughter, will be a confident, successful and self-loving little girl. The one I didn’t get to know until later in life. You will be surrounded by messages of self-love and self-acceptance, and will have these golden tools to help you grow.

Most importantly you will have me. I will always try my best to mentor you and lead you onto the right path. Whether it’s your hair, or body, or whatever doubts come your way, I promise to always be your light. You were the guidance that I needed and I promise to always be your guidance.

You need me, but I NEED you just as much baby girl! I love you so much!





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