Mother’s Day Letters: Eliza and Amaya

Dear Mommy,

There are many things in that letter that I did not know. I always wondered when I was little how your hair was so straight, I just never asked. I didn’t realize that you felt that you were teaching me the wrong thing, but I like that now we wear our hair curly together. Now, there is a bond between us with our curls that we share.

As a young girl I accept my curls, and I love them.

I know that in our culture, many people like to straighten their hair. I would like to show the people of my culture my curly hair, because I’m proud of it. I also want to show other little girls and boys that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Most of my friends at school have straight hair, but I like being different. I like that I can style my hair different ways that no one has ever done before.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you. I want to have a daughter of my own, and teach her to love her hair exactly the way it is, even if people tease her. Maybe me and my daughter can wear the same hairstyle like we do! I want her to know that being different is cool, and it’s a part of life.

I love your curly hair even more now because I know you wanted to make a positive difference in my life. And I’m really happy that you accept that this is the way I like my own hair.

I hope that you like this letter. Everyone should love their hair the way it is.

Love your curly haired daughter,