Mother’s Day Letters: Barbara, Maya, and Talia

Dearest Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day to you, queen. This entire series of Mother’s Day letters was your idea, and that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, because you are always looking for ways to make the world a better place. You literally heal children for a living. I am forever happily in your shadow.

In writing to you, I thought it might be nice to consider how our hair brings us together. Here goes.

Our hair signifies our mutual stubbornness.

Both of us were born in that fateful April-May window that makes us Zodiac Tauruses. We bulldoze our way through life, for better or for worse. Similarly, our hair does not take any of our nonsense. Much as you tried to teach me to braid it, put it in a bun, etc, we simply couldn’t tame our curls. This hair is here to stay.

Our hair signifies our mutual heritage.

We come from Jewish stock. People who have seen difficulty, persecution, death, and battled through it. Though you look less stereo typically Semitic than me, we still carry our mutual gene. You raised me with a strong sense of pride and identity, and I will never stop being grateful for that.

Our hair signifies our mutual drive.

I grew up watching a woman who took charge. You battled through life and took no prisoners. Before the phrase “zero effs to give” was popular, you  lived it. I still can’t believe how little you care about what other people think. It is nothing short of miraculous. Little frizzy haired Talia grew up watching you, a woman who embodied power, feminism, and drive. I now cultivate my career and celebrate my hair accordingly.

Our hair signifies our mutual connection.

Though Dad’s hair carries wave and my signature gray streak, your genes passed this curl on to me. Beyond that, you taught me everything there is to know in life. As I forge a life as a feminist, musician, and creator, I know that not one step I take could happen without the blueprint you provided. You are the strongest woman on earth, and I am so honored to celebrate you almost 15 years to the day when you discovered that little book, “Curly Girl,” and treated me to a visit to Devachan. Thank you, for loving and encouraging this little wild hearted, wild haired feminist singer from the beginning. I owe you everything. Happy mother’s day.

With infinite love,