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Modern Curly Hair Men’s Haircuts

We love offering tons of style advice to our curly girls out there, but what about all our curly guys? Here’s how to style curly hair men will love into modern curly hairstyles. Get a DevaCut, then learn how to style at home.

Look 1: Textured Crew Cut

Who Wears It Best: curly and super curly hair

Who’s Wearing This Cut?: Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas have both rocked a curly crew, as has pro soccer player Neymar di Silva.

The crew cut is the king of taper haircuts for curly hair men who prefer a short, neat hairstyle with just enough length to show off the natural curl. The textured crew is perfect for curlies whose texture starts near the scalp.

Like many short cuts, the textured crew cut doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. Just keep it clean with your No-Poo Original and One Condition Original on wash day. If you’re heading out for a night on the town, spray on some High Shine to reduce frizz and leave your curls shining bright.

Look 2: The Shaped Afro

Who Wears It Best: super curly hair

Who’s Wearing This Cut?: Lots of celebs have sported this look at one time or another, including Bruno Mars, Colin Kaepernick, and The Weeknd

Afros are good styles for men with curly hair who want to show off their natural texture. While some people are perfectly content to let their hair grow how it will (and more power to them!), there are also tons of interesting and innovative ways you can shape your afro into new styles. Discuss the look you want with your stylist. Angled Top? Rounded? Something completely new? The choice is up to you!

After your cut is set, it’s time for styling. Super Stretch can help put some length into your locks while a little SuperCream after a shower lets you keep your style in perfect shape without stiffening up your curls.

Look 3: Surfer Dude

Who Wears It Best: wavy hair

Who’s Wearing This Cut?: When Kit Harrington wears his hair long and tousled, he rocks this look. Other celebrities who have/have had this cut include Harry Styles and Matthew McConaughey.

This is medium-long wavy hair done right. Wavies will find it the easiest to get length faster than curlies or super curlies, but don’t forget to get your ends trimmed every couple months. Besides that, this is a pretty much “get up and go” kind of look.

When it comes to wavy hair, the most important thing is enhancing the texture you already have without weighing your hair down too much. Running some Wave Maker through your waves can help emphasize their look. Then set it all in place with the lightweight hold of Set It Free.

Look 4: The Volumizer

Who Wears It Best: curly and super curly hair

Who’s Wearing This Cut?: Odell Beckham Jr., LaMelo Ball, and Nick Jonas (yes, again. He’s sported a lot of iconic curly looks.)

This is the best haircut for curly hair men with a little bit of attitude and some time to spend on styling in the morning. Short hairstyles for men with curly hair aren’t limited to close-cropped curls. Pump up the volume, especially with tapers or a mohawk-type style, to get a dynamic, energy-filled look.

When we break this look into its parts, it really comes down to three things: volume, volume, and volume! Send your hair soaring with Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam. Then, keep it there with a combination of Ultra Defining Gel and Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Look 5: Full Fades

Who Wears It Best: curly and super curly hair

Who’s Wearing This Cut?: Khalid (box fade), Jimmy Butler (taper fade into an afro), and Travis Scott (box braid with fade), just to name a few.

With a curly hair men’s fade look, the importance is all in the cut, so make sure you have a stylist you trust. There are tons of ways to have a fade—low fade, texture and fade, etc—so make sure you have some reference photos to show what you want.

Styling your fade depends on what you have to work with on top, but you can’t go wrong with running some Styling Cream and Light Defining Gel to help make your hair lay how you want it to.

Look 6: Wild Side

Who Wears It Best: wavy and curly hair

Who’s Wearing This Cut?: Jason Mamoa, Shaun White (even though he’s kept it short recently, that flow used to be an icon for the snowboarder), Howard Stern, and Finn Wolfhard have all unleashed their natural hair.

When it comes to hairstyles for men with long curly hair, this is the perfect look for guys who want to rock their extra-long curly hair au natural. Remember to go in for a trim around every two months, and find a wash day routine that works for your curls or waves.

Beautiful Mess and B’Leave-In are both perfect for helping your curls behave as you want them to and look their curly best. To keep it clean, choose your Low-Poo Delight and One Condition Delight for wavies and No-Poo Original and One Condition Original for curlies. Your hair texture may change as your hair gets longer, so you might need to adjust your care routine as you go along. Keep an eye out for problems and ask your stylist for tips.

Dudes, you can show off your style with your curls! What’s your favorite style and what will you be trying next?



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