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Meet The #DevaCollective: India

Here at DevaCurl, we love chatting with our curlfriends about their curl journeys. Today, we sat down with @IndiaBatson to do just that! Keep reading to learn more about this wavy queen!

Tell us your transformation story! What inspired you to start your curl journey?

I grew tired of straightening my hair day in and day out. Not only was it exhausting, but it was also frying my hair. Once I began air-drying my hair and changing up my products, it completely transformed. 

How did you feel about your hair when you were growing up? And how do you feel about it now?

Growing up I viewed my hair as messy, frizzy, and not accepted. Now I have created a community of men and women who embrace their natural hair and support each other’s differences! My hair is NOT messy, definitely not frizzy (thanks to DevaCurl) and finally FULLY accepted.

Any tips for members of our community who are just starting to go natural and unsure how to start?

JUST START ALREADY BABE! Ditch your harsh sulfate products, grab a DevaCurl starter kit, and get ready for the ride of your life to self-love.

What’s your favorite hair tip/trick/hack in general?

The pineapple of course! It’s the perfect way to protect your hair at night so you don’t have to redo your perfect wash day results.

What are your favorite DevaCurl products?

Wave Maker, Melt Into Moisture and Buildup Buster. In that order. I need these three products in my bathroom at all times. Non-negotiable. Wave Maker has been my holy grail for years!!

Do you change your routine with the seasons/weather? Or do you typically use the same products year-round? Why or why not?

I simply add in more masks in the winter to add some moisture back and use more frizz-fighting products in the summer, like DevaFresh. I like to keep it simple!

What’s your favorite part of being curly?

No hair day is ever the same. 

When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful after a workout class with no makeup and my hair in a bun. It makes me feel confident and strong! That’s not something I would have said a couple of years ago. But as I get older, the more confident I become in just being me.

Anything else you’d like to tell our Deva community about yourself or your love of Deva?

One of the best decisions I have ever made was embracing my natural hair texture. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy and fake. But you will not regret it and I have a feeling you will enjoy the journey. Check out my Instagram and YouTube @indiabatson if you have any questions and want to see how to get started!!