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Meet Our Curlbond Complex for Hair Strength

For the past 25 years, our main focus has been on providing a moisture foundation to dry waves, curls and coils. But we know that consumers are expressing themselves in many different ways—color, braids, twists, blowouts and straightening! While you’re having fun with your curls in whatever way you decide to style them, we’ve made it our job to create a product that will help re-coil and protect curls from future damage, as well as help repair existing damage thanks to the Patented CurlBond Complex! The Patented CurlBond Complex contains an amino acid blend that penetrates curls to find and fuse broken disulfide bonds, while the naturally derived guar helps fill in cracks and holes in the hair shaft providing a slick, smooth, conditioning and mends split-ends. Keep reading to learn how to use this treatment line to repair your curls and improve hair strength from the inside out at home and in the salon with your Deva Certified Stylist!

CurlBond How-to

As always, apply the CurlBond cleanser onto soaking wet hair. Use the scrub in/scrub out method on your scalp to apply the product and thoroughly rinse it out.

After cleansing with the CurlBond cleanser, follow up with the CurlBond Cream Conditioner onto soaking wet hair. Use your fingers to gently detangle and glide through the ends to thoroughly moisturize and then rinse!

Then, follow up with the CurlBond Treatment Mask for damaged curls! Apply onto soaking wet hair and leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse and style as usual. You can use this mask weekly or as needed.

You will also be able to receive the salon exclusive CurlBond Pro Boost treatment with your local Deva Stylist! If your curls are damaged, we recommend having the CurlBond Pro Boost treatment done every 4 to 6 weeks, while also making sure to maintain your curls with a trim or cut with your local Deva Stylist. The take home collection is best used after the pro treatment to maintain the results achieved in the salon until your next visit.

CurlBond FAQs

  • Is there protein in CurlBond  products?
    • These products contain amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.
  • Can I use the cleanser and conditioner for every washday?
    • Yes. It is OK to use every day and will not “over-protein-ize” or cause any brittleness or breakage. The amino acids in the formula only fill in the damaged part of the cuticle, not the healthy parts, so it won’t cause buildup on the hair.
  • What Damage does CurlBond repair my curls from?
    • CurlBond helps repair chemical damage from, for example, a color service, as well as mechanical damage like heat damage, brushing, protective styles and friction.

To learn more about the CurlBond treatment line and to get your own, visit!


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