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Let’s Talk About the Curl Spectrum

Humans spend a lot of time trying to categorize themselves.

“I’m a libra!”

“I’m an extrovert.”

“I speak x, y, and z love languages.”

For curly girls, the quest to classify goes way beyond personality types and star signs, there’s also curl categories.

There are approximately 921,213,121 ways to categorize your curls (And that approximation is probably low). Some systems are broken down by words, some use roman numerals, some are color coded, some utilize languages not known to humans.

The most popular curl spectrum, by far, is the 2A to 4C matrix. Where 2’s represent the wavys, 3 the curlies, and 4, the super curlies. Each subcategory is also ranked from A to C to help identify the tightness of one’s texture. The rubric is easy enough to navigate, but deciding what curl pattern you have – that’s the hard part. It may honestly be easier to beat Pokémon Go than to actually categorize your curls.

So many curly girls have multiple textures on their head. This can make shopping for products… interesting.

Fearing that I was alone (and really in desperation for some advice), I asked DevaCurl to reach out to the curly community and ask what people thought about the concept of a curl spectrum. Six girls shared their thoughts in the latest episode of FACK. Check out the video.

When you’re finished watching, I want to know (really I NEED to know) what’s your curl type (or types) and how do you care for it?


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