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Last Minute Curly Halloween Costumes

Just when you think that time can’t go any faster, it’s already Halloween this week! If you still haven’t thought of what you’re going to dress up as this year, no worries, DevaCurl always has your back. Here’s seven costumes that won’t require you to hide your natural hair, but instead, lets it be the star of the show this Halloween.

Foxxy Cleopatra 

Calling all curly Bey-hive members. If you have lighter curls, this is it. This look is I-CON-IC, just like everything Beyoncé does, of course. All you need is a gold dress, some hoops (the bigger the better), and a pick and you’re ready to be “Groovy, Baby.” 


Not only does Slash from Guns N’ Roses have the best curls, but this is probably the easiest costume to put together. Whether you’re a Deva or a DevaDude, this look would look great on anyone. All you need is a pair of aviators, a black hat and a leather jacket and you’re ready to go.


We did not forget about our Devas rocking protective styles this year. This is a classic look by Janet Jackson that is completely effortless but still bomb. Grab your mom jeans and black beret and you’re good to go! 

Debbie Thornberry

Here’s to one of the greatest shows of the late 90s. Debbie Thornberry is the perfect look for our blonde, wavy/curly Devas. Her look is so simple that all you need is a green flannel and an orange top. 

Bebe from The Proud Family

This is probably the only baby that I can truly call “hair goals.” Bebe’s fro is perfection and big enough to make heads turn at any function. Super curlies, this is for you! All you need is an orange top, a bottle and some white shorts and you’re ready to go.

Mad Hatter

This is probably the most time-consuming costume, but also the most fun. This is a costume that is perfect for a curly girl who just wants to have fun getting ready for Halloween. It’s creative enough to put your own spin on it. 


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