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Jaw-Dropping DevaCut Transformations You Need to See

When you ask a curl stylist what their favorite part of their job is, they usually say it’s the deep connections they have with their clients and how they’re able to transform lives through their work. Personally, seeing hair transformations on curly girls and guys around the world is one of my favorites parts of working at DevaCurl too!

At our Devachan salons, we have a service called Deva Transformation. This is when a client comes in and one of our stylists washes and styles their hair showing them what products to use, how to apply the products, etc. We also do DevaCuts which is a dry cutting technique that allows the stylists to cut the hair dry–piece by piece–to shape the cut the way the curls naturally fall.

Our Devachan salon sees more than 60,000+ clients a year, not to mention the many clients seen by our thousands of Deva-trained stylists across the world. If that doesn’t convince you, keep reading to see some jaw-dropping curl transformations from some of our favorite stylists!

After a DevaCut, these dry, limp curls were instantly brought back to life! Can you believe there was no color service involved?!

Just look at how these curls sprang right up after a DevaCut and deep conditioning treatment.

The shape and definition on these curls is just beautiful!

These curls weren’t even cut! This look was achieved just by washing and styling with Deva products.

Loving this super curly goodness!

This curly girl was able to keep her length while also maintaining healthy looking curls!

But sometimes removing length is a good thing—especially when the curls are weighed down!

Body and definition for the win!

We can’t forget about the wavies! Look how much healthier her waves are after a DevaCut & proper product application.

We have to leave you with this amazing transformation. These pictures are less than two years apart! All with the help of regular cuts, no more bleach, and using products that are good for curls.

Want to see more curl transformations? Check out our DevaCurl Professional Instagram page! If you’re interested in finding a Deva specialist in your area, use our find a stylist tool here.


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