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Introducing DevaCurl’s New Value Kits: It’s a #DevaMiracle.

It’s a miracle! Well, a different kind of miracle, a #DevaMiracle, if you will.

Today we’re introducing not one, not two, but FOUR limited edition kits.

3 of the kits, if you couldn’t guess from the exuberant gif and not-very-subtle hashtag, are named the Miracle Workers Kits, and they’re here to grant all your curly wishes.

Each one features an iconic DevaCurl Cleanse and Condition duo, plus 3 oz. versions of our brand-new treatment line – Buildup Buster, Melt into Moisture, and Deep Sea Repair. Aka if you’ve been nervous to try our treatments, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.

And ahem, if you haven’t tried them, their results are certainly worthy of the Deva Miracle title. I’m JUST SAYING.

The fourth and final kit, is our brand new Dry Like a Deva Kit. Which, yep, contains the dryer. If you’ve ever wanted to invest in the Deva tools, this is your kit. Because essentially you buy the dryer but you get the towel and the clips free.

But WAIT there’s more. The DevaMiracle doesn’t stop there. We’ve got LOTS of surprises coming to Deva’s social media channels. Ahem 12 Days of Giveaways. Ahem Other surprises. So um, if you’re not following DevaCurl yet on IG, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, you should probably start. Like immediately. Or you’ll miss things, like special deals and free treats, and kick yourself later.

P.S. If you’ve got a DevaMiracle you’ve been wishing and waiting for (like *ahem* a custom deva regimen, or some more SuperCream), you should probably share it in the comments below. You never know, we might grant some wishes 😉


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