Introducing: Curls Down Under!

If you thought we rocked the world with the launch of Buildup Buster, just WAIT until you see this.

Can I get a drum roll please?!?!?


Curls Down Under, The Maximum Moisture & Southern Style Curl Kit.

It’s the ultimate in care for the hair that’s down there.

Oh yes, we went there. You. Are. Welcome.

This kit marks the launch of two NEW, soon to be iconic products.

Up first: 2 in 1 Moisture Blast, the Ultimate Quenching Cleanser and Conditioner combo. This two-in-one product is formulated to help balance the pH for lower-body curls, while providing maximum moisture. Created with quinoa protein for strength and definition to give you show-stopping curls.

Next up: Mist-Her Right, a Revitalizing Lavender Curl Spray, designed to be your go-to second day refresher for when you just don’t feel like showering. The burst of lavender helps you feel refreshed, any day, anytime, anywhere.

As a bonus, this brand new kit also includes a mini version of our gentle microfiber Deva Towel, because terry cloth is never a good idea when it comes to any kind of curls.

But that’s not all – Devachan salons will also be offering a brand new service featuring these new products. Meet the Deva Down Under Cut. A trim and reshape service that’s guaranteed to help you leave feeling your best.

The kit and service are officially available starting today, April Fool’s Day.


You knew we were joking right? I mean, c’mon we’re innovative, but we’re not there quite yet.

Happy April Fool’s Day Deva Fam! Share your best April Fool’s Day stories with us in the comments below!