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You Asked, We Answered! Answering All Of Your Top Curly Questions

Over on our Instagram (@DevaCurl if you’re not already following), we asked our curlfriends what their most-pressing curly hair questions are so we could answer them over here on the blog. We pulled some of the top ones and asked our amazing Deva employees to help us with the answers.

How can I give dry, frizz-prone curls a boost?

Bryn, our retail marketing coordinator, says that to avoid frizz, she wets sections of her hair and applies gel to smooth fly-aways and revive that definition her curls have lost since wash day. If you’re lacking moisture, mixing a bit of One Condition and water in a spray bottle can do wonders to replenish dry curls!

Do you have any travel tips for curly hair?

Our social media community coordinator, Yasmine, has this amazing advice:

“It really depends on where I’m going, but I always try to do a protective style so I don’t have to do much. If I’m getting on a plane, I’ll always leave in some One Condition [should we change this to LID since we used one condition above?] to help with the dryness. Whether I’m in a car/bus or plane, I tend to wrap it up in a satin scarf so I don’t get unwanted frizz from the headrests or putting on and taking off my headphones. I also carry a little empty spray bottle so if I’m going somewhere right after I get to my destination, I fill it with some conditioner and water for a quick pick-me-up. I always travel with my DevaCurl favorites– full size if it’s a longer trip and I’m checking in a suitcase, travel size if I only have a carry-on. I travel to the Caribbean often to visit family so on those trips, I bring 2 bottles of conditioner because I always apply conditioner before and after getting into any type of water and finger detangle afterwards. Also, bringing travel size Melt Into Moisture and Buildup Buster is a must since I want to make sure I’m getting that hydration in the hot climate and thoroughly cleansing my hair if I happen to be in chlorine that day. I also turn to braiding my hair with conditioner in it while I’m at the beach or pool and then I sometimes wrap half my head with a silk scarf to keep that moisture in and take care of my scalp in the sun (also it’s a super cute look.)”

How do you help/treat an itchy/dry scalp?

We got A LOT of questions about treating dry scalps, it was probably the most asked question! First and foremost, make sure you’re ridding your scalp of any buildup that may be there. Buildup can clog the hair follicles and cause dandruff. We love clarifying with Buildup Buster! Second, exfoliate that scalp! We wrote a post all about scalp exfoliation a few months back, read it here. Doing both of these on a regular basis can help alleviate itching and flakiness.

Tips for dealing with hard water or water change while traveling?

Clarify, clarify, clarify! Using a clarifying cleanser such as Buildup Buster when dealing with hard water can make a big difference. Because hard water has an excess of minerals, it often makes your normal cleanser less effective. This can cause major buildup which is why a clarifier is so important. Normally, we recommend clarifying 1-2 times per month, but if you’re dealing with hard water, you may want to bump that up to 3-4 times per month.

What is the best method to highlight curls?

Pintura! Pintura is a method of highlighting that’s literally hand painting each curl to frame the face and add dimension. Check out these gorgeous Pintura highlights that were featured on our professional Instagram page (@DevacurlPro) below!

Do you have products for wavy hair?

Yes, we do! In terms of cleansers and conditioner, Low-Poo Delight and One Condition Delight are your wavy go-tos. For stylers, we recommend Wave Maker, Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam, and Ultra Defining Gel for all of our wavies out there.

Our social media coordinator, Jackie, also loves to use B’Leave-In in place of a cream styler to help plump and define her waves!

Do you have a product to use to make my hair look shiny?

Of course! Our latest multi-benefit shine oil, High Shine, is formulated to make curls look shiny, moisturized, and it even helps smooth split ends. It’s incredibly versatile and a must-have for all of the glow-getters out there! Tip: a little goes a long way! If you have finer curls or waves, mist it in your hands and scrunch through mid-lengths and ends.

Do you ship worldwide?

From, we currently ship to the US and Canada. For all our international curlfriends, as of now, you can shop on But make sure to keep an eye on our social feeds for exciting announcements in the upcoming months 😉

How to repair hair from damage?

We actually wrote an entire blog post about how to repair damaged hair! Check it out here. 

Is there a product to help reduce shrinkage?

Yes! Super Stretch is formulated with coconut oil to help elongate, moisturize, and hold curls. Think a cream and gel hybrid that smells like a tropical vacation. If you deal with shrinkage, you need it in your beauty arsenal, like yesterday.

Have another curly question? Ask it in the comments below!


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