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Humidity Hacks for Curly Hair

Spring showers may bring flowers but they also bring humidity. And what does humidity bring? Frizz, frizz, and more frizz.

Luckily, there’s a few simple solutions that can help you hack humidity this season. We asked four of our favorite curly bloggers to share their tips and tricks on how to keep your curls poppin’ all spring and summer long.

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Deep Condition.

And then deep condition some more.

I mean it, deep condition like you never have before.

Jackie (aka @MyCurlyChronicles) says, “Deep condition once a week or more. Hydrated hair will be less likely to look for moisture in the atmosphere. Keeping hair moisturized is key to preventing frizz.”

And with curls like this…

I think we can all trust her advice.

Find your perfect routine.

Everyone’s different. We get that. And when the humidity is at it’s peak, your routine should be a little different.

So, while we can’t come to your house every morning and do your hair (ugh, every girl’s dream), we can help you find your perfect product lineup that’s built to fight frizz.

Zen (aka @GlamourZen) says after stepping out of the shower, she rakes B’Leave-In and Styling Cream through her hair to keep her curls intact. She also notes that her favorite go-to when it’s humid is to add in some Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam. She rakes it through her hair as a last step and says, “it seems to be the magical product that really shows the humidity who’s boss!”

Another one of our fave curly gals, Felicia (@hiF3licia), also says Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam is her go-to when it feels like a sauna outside. She likes to add a pump to her SuperCream or Styling Cream for magical results!

And listen up, when both Zen and Felicia say it’s magical…

It means something.

Leave it in!

Felicia says that one of her all-time favorite tricks is to leave in a little bit of Heaven In Hair for that added moisture your hair really needs in the heat.

Bonus hack: Add a bit into a spray bottle to refresh curls throughout the day.

Another leave-it-in tip: When you apply gel, we know you’re used to scrunching out the gel cast.

But when it’s humid – you totally don’t have to. Felicia recommends letting the humidity release the gel cast throughout the day. This helps preserve curl definition and keep those curls looking fresh, longer.

Protective Styles

Sometimes the frizz just can’t and won’t  be tamed.

One alternative? Turning to styles that protect the hair from extreme heat and humidity.

Endia Thomas (@naturally.endia) notes that she always turns to protective styles (like buns and braids) when the humidity is just too much.

Check out some of our favorite protective styles here.

Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize.  

If all else fails, Jackie says accessorizing is the way to go.

You can play around with headbands and cute scarves to help mask the frizz while keeping your style super fun and fresh.

What are your tips to help fight frizz in the humidity? Do you change up your hair routine when the weather gets warmer?  Sound off in the comments below!