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How To Wash Curly Hair

Do you really need a blog post about how to properly wash your hair? One would think not.

I mean, it’s washing your hair, not rocket science, right?

Well, as it turns out, when it comes to caring for curls and waves, making small changes to your shower routine can make an enormous difference in your results. That’s why DevaCurl’s newest Spring Kits are packed with do’s and don’ts that you definitely need to know.

How to wash curly hair: the basics

Do: Massage cleanser onto your scalp with your fingertips for a thorough cleanse.

This is so, so, so, so important if you’re using a sulfate-free cleanser. Traditional shampoos that are packed with detergents naturally move through the hair, so they rinse out easily. A creamy cleanser like No-Poo, that doesn’t have those harsh bubbly ingredients, needs a little extra help.

You MUST massage the product onto your scalp, and then massage it off while rinsing. Massage. Massage. Massage. Because the truth is, what really cleans your scalp is that massage – it’s all about friction.

Don’t: Pile curls on top of your head while cleansing.

As fun as it maybe to channel Emma Stone in Easy A during that “Pocket Full of Sunshine” scene, this is not good for you hair. Don’t do it.

Your curls will get tangled. Really, really tangled. You will cry.

Instead, apply the cleanser and then work it through to the ends, making sure to again, MASSAGE.

If you forget this little tidbit, turn to our next major Do.

Do: Detangle your hair in sections, be gentle and use your fingers.

This is the BEST way to detangle curly hair. Hands down. Divide your hair, then starting at the bottom of each section work your way up slowly, separating tangles with your fingers. No wide-tooth combs, no hair brushes. If you use those, you will rip through your hair and cause damage. No bueno.

Don’t: Skip conditioner. (I can’t believe I even have to say this).

Curly and super curly girls – y’all know what’s up. Conditioner is your BFF. Especially during the detangling process. But some wavy girls, get this, are AFRAID of conditioner. They think it weighs the hair down and turns their waves oily.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. What’s causing this is the silicones in traditional conditioners. They’re super heavy on the hair. But using a weightless conditioner like One Condition Delight does the opposite. It locks in the right amount of moisture, which allows for beautiful, frizz-free waves.

If you’re really worried about that heaviness, rinse out all of your conditioner. But otherwise, you can leave a little in for extra hydration.

Do: Apply your stylers to soaking wet hair in the shower.

Fact of life: DevaCurl products work best with water. This line is all about hydration, hydration, hydration. The most important thing for curly hair is moisture. To preserve hydration, it’s best to apply your stylers to wet, detangled hair, in small sections. Think like Sebastian, “Everything’s better when it’s wetter.”

Wondering how to not wash curly hair every day? We’ve been there.

If you go to the gym every day, use lots of stylers, or even just live somewhere extra warm, the thought of not washing your hair every day might have gotten an “Ummm… no,” from you. But don’t worry, you don’t have to skip getting your hair wet altogether.

Not only do most of our stylers have to go on soaking wet hair, if you’ve ever looked up how to co-wash curly hair, you know that there’s more than one way to care for your hair between wash days. You can do an extra pass with the conditioner or just rinse out your hair with water if it feels too gross between cleanses.

How often to wash natural curly hair

If you’re looking for absolutely solid advice on how often to wash natural curly hair, we can provide you some basic guidelines, but in the end, it’s all up to your hair. You may fit perfectly with the common advice or you may need to adjust based on how your hair reacts.

That being said, wavies and curlies are usually best washing their hair one, maybe two times a week. If you’re dealing with extra fine hair, you may need to up it to every two to three days. You can cut down on oiliness with co-washing and by lightening up on the stylers. Super curlies, you’re the luckiest of the bunch: if you’re not getting extra dirty, you can have wash days once every two to three weeks. Try not to go more often than once a week, or absolutely load up on the conditioners if you do.

How to wash curly hair extensions

We have more info on curly hair extensions here, but suffice it to say, you can care for your hair extensions like you do your hair, for the most part. Pick up No-Poo Decadence for a detangle and deep cleanse or Low-Poo Delight for a light cleanse. Add in One Condition Original for moisture and Styling Cream to lock it in, and you’ve got some ready-to-go extensions.

On the move? Here’s how to fix curly hair without washing.

Sometimes, you want to fix up day two or three hair, but you haven’t got access to a shower. That’s fine, there are a few ways to keep your hair looking refreshed between wash days.

Scrunch in some Mist-er Right, specially made to keep your curls looking lively between showers. Hydrating and refreshing your curls in one go, it’s a must-have. It also pairs well with DevaFresh, which helps soothe your scalp to avoid itchiness along with adding life back into your curls. It’s a great replacement for the dry shampoo that will only wreck curls.

When it comes to how to style curly hair without washing, High Shine sprays right onto dry hair, so you can spritz it on in a few seconds for frizz-taming and a healthy glow. Meanwhile, Beautiful Mess is great for keeping curls, even dry ones, controlled tousled look. Set It Free adds moisture, like the other stylers, but has a bonus light hold to keep your style in place.

Want more tips on how to style your hair? Check out the rest of our Curly Hair Do’s and Don’ts right here.

And don’t forget to share your must-know tips down below in the comments!



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