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How to Use Wash Day Wonder

So by now, you’ve heard the hype, DevaCurl’s released Wash Day Wonder, a Pre-Cleanse Slip Detangler.

Your first thought is definitely “OMG I NEED IT.”

But then you’re like wait… could it really be THAT good? Don’t they already have a detangler? Do I need this?

The answer to all three of these questions is yes.

But what makes it so good? What are the differences between Wash Day Wonder and No Comb Detangling Spray? And why is it going to change your wash day? Let us break it down.

What is DevaCurl’s Wash Day Wonder?

To put it simply, Wash Day Wonder is a pre-cleanse detangler, aka you use it before you wash your hair to get the knots out first. Making actually washing your hair faster and easier. *hair flip*

It’s important to get as many knots out as you can to avoid tugging all your hair out in the shower. (Seriously, who else has a shower wall that looks like a case of Bigfoot evidence by the end of the wash?) Tugging on your hair can damage it, leading to broken hair shafts and broken hearts, the next time you try to get your curls looking healthy and full.

Besides, the LAST thing any of us want is to be wrestling cleanser and conditioner through our hair. Let me focus on my one-woman shower opera instead, thanks.

How is a DevaCurl wash day different?

Wash Day Wonder has the word slip in its name because it is loaded up with pracaxi oil, a Brazilian nut that makes the product easy to glide through tangles and curls. It makes pulling apart knots and detangling curly hair easier than ever before. Plus, get extra suppleness and shine with saffron flower extract to give your curls a boost.

“But I already have the detangling spray,” you think. “Why do I need another detangling product?”

With Wash Day Wonder, DevaCurl is different than No-Comb Detangling Spray in a few ways.

  1. No-Comb Detangling Spray can be used on dry or wet hair. Wash Day Wonder is designed to ONLY be used in the shower on soaking wet hair.
  2. Wash Day Wonder has a thicker consistency. The texture is like a thin, super-silky conditioner. No-Comb Detangling Spray comes in a mist style bottle; it’s got a watery consistency.
  3. Wash Day Wonder has a lot more slip thanks to pracaxi oil.

So how do you use this magic detangler?

BEFORE cleansing, smooth Wash Day Wonder onto your soaking wet curls (I’m talking DRENCHED).

It’s best to apply the product in sections. That way you can ensure the product is saturated throughout your hair.

After it’s soaked in, you can use your fingers to gently detangle starting at the bottom up.

Next, apply your favorite cleanser and then wash out both products together, then condition and style as usual.

Have you ever used a pre-cleanse detangler before? Or do you have some must-know detangling tricks? Share your experience with us in the comments below!



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