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How to Use SuperCream for Wavy, Curly, and Super Curly Hair

After we launched SuperCream people went pretty nuts.

A styler that claimed to do it all, and smelled like the beach, could it really be true?

Turns out it was.

And while many people think SuperCream is part of DevaCurl’s Decadence collection aka it’s designed just for super curly hair, it’s actually not. This hero product can be used by all curl types.

Which is why it’s the featured bonus styler in this year’s liter kits. (You buy your normal two liters, you get SuperCream fo’ free – #win).

Not sure how to use it on your curls? Fear not. We asked our curly community to share tips on exactly how they use this cream styler.

Some gals use it for moisture, others for definition. For some people it’s a go-to on wash day, and for others it’s perfect for a next-day refresh. Sometimes people cocktail it, sometimes they don’t. It all depends on your curl type.

How to Use SuperCream on Wavy Hair


“I use SuperCream to enhance my waves and make my hair feel hydrated. My hair is pretty fine, so I apply it on damp hair, focusing on my mid-lengths to ends, then let my hair air dry.” Pro tip – Avoid applying SuperCream to your roots, since it can weigh waves down.


SuperCream is my go-to for frizz control! LOVE it and the scent is unreal. I’ll use a little bit of it on my finger tips to tame some frizz or just to add some hydration to my dry hair.”


“My hair is super thick, so I turn to SuperCream to help give my waves definition. I apply it to every strand when my hair is soaking wet, right after I condition. Then I layer Ultra Defining Gel on top of it.”


“I use SuperCream to refresh my hair. After spraying my hair down in the morning, I smooth it on, then scrunch.”


How to Use SuperCream on Curly Hair

“When I moved to Los Angeles, aka a desert climate, SuperCream and I fell in LOVE. I mix it with Ultra Defining Gel to give my hair the moisture it needs.”

“If I need my hair to look bombbbb, I use SuperCream. I use it on soaking wet hair, after applying gel and B’Leave In. It’s my last styling product, and it seals everything in so I have zero frizz and super defined curls.”

SuperCream is one of my favorite products! I use it in conjunction with the Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam in the shower while my hair is soaked.”

Bonus: Dana has a video featuring exactly how she does her hair, check it out:


“I use SuperCream all the time. It’s my favorite DevaCurl styler, I use it all on its own after the shower on damp hair. I don’t mix it with any other products.”

Watch how Bianca uses SuperCream in her hair right here:


“I wash and condition my hair with No-Poo and Once Condition Decadence, then I apply Heaven In Hair as a leave in. I then finger rake SuperCream throughout my curls, then layer a gel on top of it. I finish off with a hair oil, then scrunch and diffuse!”


How to Use SuperCream on Super Curly Hair


“I use SuperCream to keep my curls hydrated, I use it on wash day with a leave-In and a gel, but I also use it to refresh on day 4 or 5. I simply wet my hair and add a bit of SuperCream to bring back that moisture.”


“I love SuperCream, I use it for my wash-n-go’s and also for twist outs!”


SuperCream is one of my staples! Even my boyfriend is hooked on it! After cleansing & conditioning, I separate my hair in sections and distribute the product on each section, raking in the product with a Denman brush. Afterwards, I use gel and apply it to each of my coils for a defined look.”

Priscilla also has an amazing tutorial on using SuperCream with perm rods:


“I love using SuperCream for my wash and go.”


Want even more tips from DevaCurl pros on how to use SuperCream? Pick up our limited edition Super Pumped Liter Kits from They include a special insert with tips and tricks on how to make the styler work for you. Have you tried SuperCream before? What are your go-to tips for using it? Share with us in the comments below!



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