How to Use B’Leave In

There’s one product in the DevaCurl line that is, a sort of, forever mystery.

No one quite knows what it is. Is it a gel? A cream? A leave in conditioner?

Errrr – no, not exactly.

All we’ve ever really known – is that the results from this product are kinda fabulous.

I mean, if curly hair goddess, @bwatuwant swears by it, it’s gotta be good.

Look at her determination to get that bottle open. I mean c’mon.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about B’Leave In. A beloved, yet slightly misunderstood product, that’s great for all textures: wavy, curly, and super curly.

One of DevaCurl’s first styling products, what made it different from the other curly hair products is that it’s texture isn’t traditionally associated with hydration. It’s not a cream, but a gelee with moisturizing properties that help boost volume.

So, what does it actually do?

Boosts definition.

Specifically, it boosts definition in curls that already have texture. So if you’ve got wavy hair, sorry this won’t take you to curly, but it will enhance the wave you’ve already got, the same goes for curls. Using B’Leave In will improve your curl’s definition.

Nicknamed the “Miracle Curl Plumper,” it helps curls plump and clump, giving them girth and a little more oomph. It works to even out the density, giving you a more consistent fullness throughout. This is helpful if your recovering from heat styling or chemical damage and your curls look a little stringy, especially on the mid-lengths and ends.

If you’ve got fine hair, this product should be your go-to secret weapon for making your hair look naturally fuller and more voluminous.

And if you’re all about big hair, don’t care (*ahem, Brit*), you should probably have a gallon of this stuff in your arsenal.

So how do you use it?

You can apply it a thousand different ways, and get different results.

If you’ve got super curly hair, try using it to add a little extra hydration, fullness, and definition, either glide it onto wet curls before you apply a gel, or layer it over a cream, to help seal in moisture.

If you’ve got curly hair,  you can also use it the same way to boost hydration, definition, and fullness. But it’s also great for refining curls next day. Dab a little on your finger tips and tame any dry, rogue curls by finger coiling.

Or  use it to battle frizz on a really humid day. You know that frizzy halo effect? Emulsify B’Leave In on your hands, flip your head over, and let your hands just lightly glaze the frizz halo. Flip your hair back and do the same over your crown. Within a few minutes the frizz will die down.

If you’re rocking waves, try scrunching it into damp or wet hair for more volume and a curl boost, it will help reinforce definition.

And now this will blow your mind (no pun intended) but, no matter your texture, you can even use B’Leave In to get a better blow out.  It’s plumping properties help straightened strands appear more voluminous. To do it: emulsify the product in your hands and sandwich your curls between your hands, gliding the product from mid-lengths to ends.

Yeah, we just went there.

If we’ve piqued your interest, and you’re also in need of more of your favorite No-Poo and One Condition, be sure to check out the Summer Liter Kits, launching later this week on You basically buy your regular liters, but you get a full size B’Leave In free to try. #BestofBothWorlds

(p.s. It took everything in me not to put a Hannah Montana gif here).

Have you tried B’Leave In? Share your favorite ways to use it in the comments below!