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How to Style Your Hair with DevaCurl Cream Stylers

For many curlies, a cream styler is essential in their styling routine. Here at Deva, we have four cream stylers that all serve different purposes depending on your hair needs. Keep reading to learn more about each one, their benefits, and how to use them!

Wave Maker

Wave Maker is a super lightweight styling cream that helps encourage waves, provide texture, and more. Basically, if you have wavy hair, it’s a must-have in your styling routine. But don’t let the name fool you, a lot of people with curly hair love using Wave Maker too to help define and plump up curls.

To apply Wave Maker, start with soaking wet hair and scrunch into waves/curls before applying your gel. Diffuse or air dry as normal and viola, perfectly tousled waves!

Pro tip: When refreshing waves/curls in between wash day, dampen the hair and scrunch in a bit of Wave Maker for frizz control and definition.

Styling Cream

If you’re looking to add a bit of moisture into your routine, Styling Cream is the product for you. It adds hydration, defines, tames frizz, and provides a bit of hold.

To apply Styling Cream, start with soaking wet hair and rake product through curls. Scrunch up to encourage curls and finish off with your favorite gel.


One of our most asked questions is, “what is the difference between Styling Cream and SuperCream?” SuperCream provides more hold and moisture than Styling Cream. So, if you’re someone who needs a ton of moisture, SuperCream is the cream styler for you.

To apply SuperCream, glide on and then scrunch to encourage curls. Follow with a maximum holding gel (like Arc AnGEL) for long-lasting moisture and hold!

Super Stretch

Super Stretch is a cream styler specifically formulated with super curlies in mind. Super Stretch provides moisture, defines, and elongates curls in one step. You can use it with wash n’ gos, twist outs, flexi-rod sets, and more! Talk about versatility.

To apply Super Stretch, start with soaking wet hair and press product in a downward motion. If you’re looking to elongate curls, make sure you don’t scrunch the product in.

What is your favorite DevaCurl cream styler? Let us know below!


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