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How to Style Baby Hairs

We have all seen baby hair styles from icons such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Yara Shahidi, and countless other celebrities on magazine covers, red carpet appearances, and numerous award shows! Baby hairs are the soft and short hairs that are located around your hairline and at the nape of your neck. Some people use hair products, a spoolie, or an edge brush to flatten their baby hairs down, while others prefer to go all natural with them. Whichever way you decide to style your baby hairs, we wanted to put together some information for you to ensure you’re using the best tools and products.

One DevaCurl product you may not know of is Beautiful Mess. Beautiful Mess kind of became an accidental secret since not many people know about it, and if they do, they may not know how to use it. Beautiful Mess is our curl sculpting pomade that is used by people to give their waves and curls some texture after diffusing and for styling.

Beautiful Mess has a thick texture which makes it perfect for gelling down baby hairs and won’t cause any of that white flaking that people may get from other products. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Style the rest of your curls in your desired way. If you’re going to pull your curls back, gently use your fingertips to “brush” some of the baby hairs back out across your hairline.

Step 2: Grab Beautiful Mess! You can use your fingertips to take some of the pomade out and warm it up by rubbing your fingertips together so it’s a little easier to work it.

Step 3: Apply it to the baby hairs on your hairline and use your desired tool! We recommend using this edge styler from Baby Tress, you can also use a spoolie like these from Amazon, or keep it old school and use a clean and unused toothbrush.

Step 4: Style your baby hairs with your styling tool by brushing them in sweeping motions. Hair is unique and everyone is different so the way you want your baby hairs to frame your face is up to you. Some people add glitter, gems, or even color!

Will you be experimenting with your baby hairs? Let us know in the comments below.


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