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How to Refresh Your Curly Hair

Knowing how to refresh and revive second day (and beyond) curls is super important for us curly peeps because we like to extend our wash days as long as possible. After all, wash day does usually require clearing your schedule and cancelling plans just to tend to your curls.

Today, we’re breaking down how to refresh curly hair and help you find products and techniques that work for you!

Tangles & knots

A big struggle with second day curls is dealing with those pesky tangles. The trick to detangling dry hair is a good detangling spray and to be very gentle (don’t even think about bringing out that brush!) If you try to brush or rake out those knots, it can lead to unwanted frizz and maybe even some breakage.

Instead, use a detangling spray like our No Comb Detangling Spray to saturate those knots and gently use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle. No Comb Detangling Spray is great to help get rid of knots on wet or dry hair plus it’s formulated to add lightweight moisture!

Curls losing their bounce

If you feel like your curls lose their bounce between wash days, try our curl refreshing spray, Mist-er Right! Mist-er Right essentially reactivates those styling products you applied to your curls on wash day to boost shine, hold, and more. It also adds lightweight moisture!

To use Mist-er Right, simply spritz all over dry curls and scrunch in to help boost body and redefine your curls!

Moisture on the go

If you always find yourself on the go, try mixing a bit of your favorite conditioner and water in a spray bottle for quick touch-ups. This will help to moisture your curls while also taming any second day frizz. Just spritz the mixture on dry curls and scrunch in.

All in one

Most curly people deal with multiple issues at once: tangles, odor, loss of definition… the list can go on. This is exactly why we made our scalp and curl revitalizer, DevaFresh. DevaFresh is formulated with kombucha and prickly pear and helps provide moisture, odor control, and volume while also soothing the scalp and redefining your curls! Talk about a multi-tasker.

To refresh your curls with DevaFresh, lightly mist at the roots and massage the product in. Then, continue misting on mid-lengths to ends and scrunch in to redefine your curls. Viola! Your curls and scalp will feel and smell fresh for 24 hours.

What is your favorite way to refresh your curls? Let us know in the comments below!


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