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How to Make Wash Day Go Faster

Ah, wash day.

We love the end result. We hate the process.

We’re here to make it better. Seriously.

We’re not going to give you another wash day routine. You’ve seen it all before (and if you haven’t, here you go).

We’re going to give you the tips and tricks we’ve picked up to help make wash day easier – and also make it feel a little faster.

Yes, detangling will still be involved.

Pre-pooing too.

BUT there’s also a healthy amount of distractions.

Basically, we’re covering it all.


Option One: Steaming

You steam your clothes.
You steam your vegetables.
You steam your…hair?

You heard that right. Steam for curly hair is basically a lifesaver when trying to save on time.

I know it may seem like an extra step, but steaming your hair actually helps lift the hair cuticles which lets products absorb into the hair easier and faster. Which means you get all of that hair-helping goodness even faster.

On top of that, steaming also helps with other things such as cleaning the scalp, reducing breakage, and promoting hair growth.

You can use a handheld steamer or even the steam from your hot shower.

Option Two: Use a Pre-Poo

You’ve probably heard the term before, but do you actually know what pre-pooing is? Or how to do it?

According to DevaChan Salon SoHo junior stylist, Deanna Brown, pre-pooing is a treatment you apply to your hair prior to cleansing and conditioning. It’s a first step to help jump start detangling (and make it faster), which can minimize breakage.

To start, Deanna says to apply your pre-poo product of choice to soaking wet curls and gently detangle with your fingers.

Her go-to? Wash Day Wonder. This treatment can be used before cleansing to provide slip and protect the hair from rough detangling.

You can also use deep conditioners or hair masks (like Melt into Moisture) to pre-poo as well.

Option Three: Detangle Correctly

Every curly girls least favorite task: detangling.

Want it to be easier? Of course you do.

The key is to make sure you’re detangling with soaking wet hair. Don’t detangle on dry hair.

Just—no, don’t do it.

Make sure you’re also being gentle. Don’t go ripping or tearing at the knots and tangles. That’ll just lead to unnecessary problems (hellooooo breakage).

Want a full break down on how to detangle curly hair? Head to this blog post.

Option Four: Make wash day a party

Okay, technically this doesn’t make it any faster. But it does make it more fun.

Deanna says that one of her favorite ways to make wash day go faster is to have her own wash day party (sometimes she even invites friends).

But really, sit down, take three seconds, and make yourself a playlist.

Good music makes mundane tasks (like detangling) fun and it helps pass time.

Here are some of our faves to get you started.

Option Five: Have Yourself A Streaming Fiesta

While sitting under the dryer, time can pass by preeeeeetty slowly.
Make it easier by turning on a movie or TV show.

Now I know what you’re thinking – how am I supposed to hear it under the dang dryer?!
Meet closed captioning – available on Netflix and YouTube (boom) you can simultaneously dry your hair, while staying entertained.

What are your tricks and tips for making Wash Day feel (or actually go) faster? Share with us in the comments below!


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