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I should preface this blog post with a confession. I have curly hair, like Shirley Temple (if I’m being honest it’s more like weird Al, but whatever). I have never in my life had wavy hair. I know absolutely nothing about how to get wavy hair  (though I do know that having it makes you automatically fabulous, cc: Gisele).

Thankfully, there are a lot of people at DevaCurl who have wavy hair. Stylists included. And it is to them that I must attribute all of the tips and tricks on how to get wavy hair that are about to blow your mind.

Now, if you’re here, you’ve probably googled at least once “how to get beachy wavy hair.” And I get it, the perfect beach waves make me super excited too.

That’s where Wave Maker comes in. It’s so pretty, and it smells realllllly good, but even better than that: it works! But how?

Well – when it comes to encouraging waves the secret (from your curly sisters) is scrunching.

No, not that 90’s blue gel crunch scrunch. Well, okay, yes it’s sort of that. But without the crunch. The key is the scrunching motion. Like so:

Scrunching your hair helps it learn the pattern you want it to settle into, i.e. tighter waves, and is a big check mark on your to do list for how to get wavy hair naturally. When you push your hair up towards the scalp (which you should be doing with conditioner in the shower AND when you dry, towel or diffuser), you’re encouraging your hair into a tighter S-curve.

For the easiest wash and go of your life, you can apply Wave Maker directly to your wet or damp hair, gliding the product through your waves, then scrunch, and start your day.  Yes, it’s really that simple.

But let’s say you’re looking for a little more oomph from your waves. We’ve got you covered with how to get wavy hair overnight (or with a diffuser, if you’re in a hurry) plus two fun looks for taking your natural texture to the max.

Channeling Princess Leia (*Han Solo not Included)

Apply Wave Maker throughout wet hair. Split your hair into four sections: Create a middle part dividing the hair first into two sections, then split the hair into four sections by creating an additional horizontal part. Take the hair in your first section and twist it until the section begins to form a miniature Princess Leia style bun (otherwise known as a Bantu knot). Secure with a clip, and repeat on the remaining three sections. Allow the hair to air dry or diffuse it with the DevaFuser. Once dry, release from buns, revealing beautiful, effortless waves.


Going to Great Lengths (Without waiting for your hair to grow)

Divide your hair into two stacked sections. Take the top half and slick it back into a high pony, securing with a bungee cord or hair tie. Take the second section and slick it up so that the base of your second ponytail will sit under the tail end of your first pony tail. Secure with an additional elastic or bungee cord. Shake up your waves to blend the two sections.


Doing the Twist

Separate hair into two sections, sweeping them off to the side. Braid each section individually. Then take your two braids and twist them around each other, securing with an elastic. Then take a little bit of Wave Maker onto your fingertips and pull gently on sections of the braid to create a chunkier, more textured look. Bonus – at the end of the day you can undo the braids for voluminous waves when you go out on the town.


Real talk: Waves or curls, that ponytail hack is a game changer. I’ve spent two years trying to get a long ponytail. This – LIFE CHANGING. But wavy people, would you try any of these styles? If you have any extra tricks for how to get your hair wavy, let us know and keep us posted on your curl journey in the comments below!



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