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How to Care For Wavy, Frizzy Hair: Straight from Your Must-Follow Wavy Hair Bloggers

Wavy hair, don’t care.

It is an enviable mantra on countless t-shirts and coffee mugs.

But uh – here at DevaCurl, when it comes to wavy hair, we care, like a lot.

It’s the reason we made a line specifically for wavies (*cough* Delight *cough*).

But wavy hair can be pretty tricky. A lot of peeps who have the potential for GORGEOUS wavy hair, have no idea they’ve even got waves.

They think their hair isn’t wavy – just really frizzy, says Curl Master and Educator, Cal Ellis (@curlmastercal).

“Frizz is just a curl or wave, waiting to happen.”

Whether you’re on a mission to get your best waves yet, or you’ve got a friend who thinks her hair is “just frizzy” we’ve got some resources you’ve should check out.

Presenting, our favorite TK wavy-haired bloggers, who’s hair is definitely not just frizzy.


Okay, okay, Zen’s hair is no longer wavy. But we’re starting with her for a reason: we’re proving our point!

When we first met Zen, her hair looked like this:

Kinda wavy, a little frizzy. Right?

A year post DevaCurl, this is her transformation:

If you didn’t believe Cal five seconds ago, I hope you do now.

Zen’s crazy one year transformation is proof, caring for your waves and curls can totally bring out their best potential.

You can check out her original wavy hair routine below, but if you find your hair starts curling up more, check out the rest of her page to see how she switched things up through her journey.

India Batson

Okay OBVIOUSLY India Batson is on this list. The woman is the definition of mermaid waves. I mean, HELLO.

She has a wavy hair tutorial for pretty much everything:


Maintaining waves overnight:

About 1,000 routines.

Pretty much if you have a wavy question, good chance India’s channel has the answer.

Some must watches?

Her drug store versus salon quality video and her hair swap video with Bianca Renee, these seriously show why picking the RIGHT products for your waves is a must.

Dana Gagliotti

Dana is sort of half wavy, half curly, depending on the part of her hair you look at (so basically she has multiple textures, like you know, most of us).

And much like India, she knows the importance of choosing the right products to cater to those textures, hence:

She’s also got tons of tips and tricks on how to refresh her next day hair:

Adrienne Vendetti

If you have red hair, you have probably heard about the website How to Be a Red Head.

In case you weren’t blessed with strawberry locks, please allow me to introduce you.

#KissAGingerDay ??? @howtobearedhead

A post shared by Stephanie Vendetti Thomas (@stephvendetti_t) on

^ This is Adrienne (on the right), and Stephanie (on the left).

This power-sister duo run a site, all about tips and tricks for red heads, but Adrienne also often shares tips on caring for her waves.

Also – there’s a book!

Want more wavy ladies to check out? We’re loving Jill (over at DousedinPink), Claire (aka @clairegeist) and Taylor (known as @kissndMAKEUP on YouTube).

Tell us! Who’s your favorite wavy-haired maven to follow online? Share with us in the comments below!