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How to Air-Dry Curly Hair – Practical Guide and Tips

While air-drying may seem like the easiest part of your curl routine, it’s actually one of the most important steps to avoid frizz, boost definition, and lock in shine. Although it seems obvious, there are a few tips to follow if you want to learn how to air-dry curly hair perfectly!

What are the benefits of air-drying?

Air-drying cuts down on potential heat damage and saves you time on blow drying or diffusing your hair. Air-drying your waves or curls can also create more definition as you’re not touching your hair as often as you would be if you were using a blow dryer.

It’s all in the technique

Even though you may not be blow drying your curls, there are still some techniques to air-drying your hair so that it comes out the way you want it to.

Here are some air-drying basics to follow:

  • Make sure to finger detangle your hair or use a wide-tooth comb. Doing so allows your waves/curls to clump together which means no stringy strands.
  • A microfiber towel is a must. Terry cloth towels can create frizz and even lead to breakage. Microfiber towels are much softer and can absorb a lot of that excess water in your hair.
  • Don’t touch! Touching or playing with your waves/curls while they’re drying can lead to frizz and nobody has time for that.

If you’re looking for volume…

You don’t need to use a diffuser to get that volume you’re looking for! Instead, pop some clips in at the root while air-drying for volumized curls. Here’s how to do it:

  1. While your hair is soaking wet, scrunch SuperMousse into your strands for added moisture and pumped up volume.
  2. Take your DevaTowel and scrunch upwards to remove excess water and help enhance definition.
  3. Next, lift your curls at the root and place metal clips all around your scalp.
  4. Once your hair is fully dry, remove the clips, give your curls a good fluff, and you’re ready to go!

If you’re looking for elongation…

Unfortunately for all of the curly peeps out there, shrinkage is quite common especially for tighter textures. While you can’t avoid shrinkage all together, there are techniques to stretching your curls out without using heat.

  1. Working in sections, apply Super Stretch to soaking wet hair in a raking motion. Super Stretch boasts a rich, buttery formula that will essentially help stretch the curls out without having to sacrifice definition and volume. It also has the hold of a gel so you don’t have to use any other products!
  2. Use a microfiber towel to get rid of the excess water but don’t scrunch! If you’re looking for elongation you never want to scrunch the hair. Instead, lightly wrap the towel around sections of your hair and pat inwards.
  3. Once your curls are dry, fluff them up and spray with a bit of High Shine for added moisture and sheen.

If you’re really on the go…

Not everyone always has the time to wait hours for their curls to dry, we get it. If you’re crunched on time, here is the perfect air-drying routine for you:

  1. After applying your styling products on wet hair, use your DevaTowel to scrunch out that excess water from your curls.
  2. Spray Flexible Hold Hairspray on your wet curls to help speed up drying time.
  3. If you really are running out of time, use the DevaFuser to dry at the roots. The roots take the longest time to dry so speed it up by diffusing them before you run out the door!

What is your favorite way to air-dry your curls? Let us know below!


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