Holiday Hairstyling With Derick Monroe

Happy Holidays! Party season is here and it’s about time you start thinking about what hairstyles you’ll be wearing for your next holiday gathering. Today, hairstylist Derick Monroe not only dishes on the best ways wear your hair this season, but also offers holiday styling tips that will take you well into the new year.

Ayodele in Edgy Braids

“The holiday are all about glamour. Sparkle and gold colors always make me think about the holiday season, so incorporating ribbons or glitter strings within your braid is great for getting a unique look for the season or when you just want to look fancy.




Yana in a Stylish French Twist

“I love the symmetry with Christmas trees, so some of the height with this updo reminds me of the holidays. When creating this style I used Super Stretch to give me the definition I wanted. And, its very moisturizing so it’s perfect for tighter curls.”





Nathalia in a Curly Updo

“Don’t forget to take your time and don’t rush when it comes to styling your hair. Take your time and finger coil and place each curl just right. Also, take your time diffusing or air-drying your curls. It really matters!

Also, don’t be afraid to use hairspray on your curls. Try the Flexible Hold Hairspray for hold without residue and flakes.”




Lauryn in a Curly Frohawk

“With any hairstyle, you need to focus on shine. Shine is what makes your curls pop and stand out in the crowd. I like using Mirror Curls because it instantly makes your hair look healthy.”




Jessica in a Braided Ponytail

“And, speaking of healthy hair, it doesn’t matter how great your style is, if your hair isn’t healthy then the style wont look as nice.”




What are your holiday hair tips? Do you have a go-to holiday hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!