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Happy Birthday SuperCream!

SuperCream Anniversary - Featured Hero Image

You know what they say – another year older, another year curlier. Er – well maybe that’s not exactly what they say. But it’s a big day around here. July 7th. A day that will go down in history.



It’s SuperCream’s Birthday. HOW COULD YOU FORGET?!?SuperCream - Birthday Hat

It’s okay. She says she’ll forgive you, if you promise to help celebrate.

And man, there is a lot to celebrate. SO much has happened since everyone’s favorite do-it-all styler, came into the world. She’s changed the lives of lots of curlies, won a few awards (from Allure, Total Beauty, and Latina – not that we’re bragging), and became a top seller at Sephora.

In her honor, we’ve got a month of SUPER celebrations comin’ at ya.

Staring Henry Cavill, Christopher Reeve, Clark Kent, SuperCream and some of our favorite super curlies.

Kicking off tomorrow is a shakeup of our original SuperCream challenge! We’ve got 7 ways that you can win 7 (count ‘em SEVEN) SuperCreams.

  1. Participate in our Instagram Emoji war (going live on 7/9). You’ll have to describe your love for SuperCream using only Emojis.
  2. Sing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl on Instagram or Facebook.
  3. Post a photo or video and tell us why you love SuperCream.
  4. Share your Beauty Shelfie (aka a snapshot of your product shelf) showing off SuperCream.
  5. Rock a Pineapple, styled with SuperCream, and post of photo showing off the style.
  6. Style your Twist Out using SuperCream and share the results.
  7. Create and post a meme about SuperCream.

Don’t forget to tag @mydevacurl in all of your entries and use #SuperCreamBDay. You’ll have until 7/27 to complete any of these challenges for your chance to win. Official rules can be found here.

Snapchat LogoThe party don’t stop (till the curlies walk in). Starting on 7/11 we’ve got an entire WEEK of tutorials on how to use SuperCream coming to SnapChat. Each of our fabulous original SuperCream challenge winners: Kai, Felicia, Tatiana, Korine, Kelly, and Jenny will be taking over the @mydevacurl SnapChat showing you how they use the coconut curl styler.

If you’re not following us on SnapChat already (grrr) you can use this SnapCode to find us or search for @mydevacurl.

But wait – THERE’S MORE! There’s a SuperCream styling tutorial starring Kai. Check it out:

ANDDDDDDD (what you thought you were done? Please, We. Like. To. Party.) if you live near a Devachan (looking at you NYC, White Plains, and Los Angeles) you might want to stop by soon. We’ve hidden 20 golden tickets around the salon. Whoever finds them, wins, you guessed it, more coconut curl cream.

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve got to celebrate right here, on this very blog. Because you’re already here, so WHY WOULDN’T WE PARTY!? We’re picking seven random commenters to win SuperCream. Tell us how our favorite coconut curl styler helped change your hair for your chance to win. Bonus points if you comment on another blog post.

Ugh, I just love birthdays. They’re so much fun. #AintNoPartyLikeASuperCreamParty



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