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Hair Remedies: Kitchen Ingredients to Care for Curly Hair

Ah the kitchen, the place of delicious things, a place of good food, good company, good…hair? Yep, you read that right. It turns out there’s a lot of things in your kitchen that can help you care for your curls naturally. In honor of Earth Day, we’re breaking down the best kitchen ingredients for curly hair. With the help of Eladia LeBron, Colorist at Devachan Salon Upper West Side we’re giving you tips on how to combine natural ingredients with your favorite Deva products for your best curls yet.

To hydrate and soften your curls

“Vanilla extract is amazing, it really helps promote softness in the hair,” says Eladia. “You can cocktail it with your favorite stylers, mix it into conditioner, or just use it by itself to create a lot of volume and softness.” Be sure to pick up the light colored or clear version of the extract. She recommends using about one to two ounces, depending on how much hair you have, just make sure to apply it only onto wet hair.

Next up is everyone’s favorite: coconut. Everyone knows about the hydrating benefits of coconut oil (hellooooo that’s why it’s in SuperCream) but you can use coconut milk to moisturize curls even more. “When your hair is really wet, turn to coconut milk for added nourishing benefits. Just be sure to rinse it out and follow up with an actual conditioner (I like One Condition Decadence) to help re-seal the cuticle and lock in that moisture.”

To help grow your hair

Turn to ginger, “it will help stimulate the scalp and promote growth,” says Eladia. To use, slice or dice ginger, the smaller the pieces the better, then massage it onto your dry scalp until it starts to feel cool. “Ginger doesn’t produce any liquid, so this is an easy treatment to do before bed.”

Another option is Castor oil, “I absolutely love this oil – for my hair and even for my lashes,” says Eladia. “She suggests using an eye-dropper’s worth of oil (about 5 mls) and mixing it into a hair mask, like Heaven in Hair, before applying it. “This type of oil is amazing for heat damage and can help seal split ends.”

You can also minimize breakage by creating a mask. In a bowl, mix two eggs, an avocado, and a few drops of cinnamon extract, to help treat dry, brittle hair. Apply the mixture to wet hair, and let it sit for 20 minutes. “This mask is super heavy in protein so during the treatment your hair might start to feel a bit hard. When you’re done, be sure to rinse it out completely and follow up with a moisturizing mask like Heaven in Hair,” says Eladia.

Looking for even more help to keep your locks long and strong? Keep your eyes peeled. Deva has something special coming soon!

What are some of your favorite kitchen ingredients for curly hair? Share your natural hair care tips and tricks with us in the comments below.


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