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Let’s be real: it’s no secret that curly girls are obsessed with all the styling products. And co-washing. And deep conditioning.

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Which basically means that over time, all of our favorite creams and gels start to build-up and sit on top of our curls, often making it dull and lifeless.

Use a clarifying cleanser to bring back your curls

If your hair is lacking shine, bounce, and definition, chances are you might need to clarify it. And, using a clarifying cleanser every once in a while rids your scalp of any excess oil, hard water, and environmental toxins.

But how do you know when to clarify? How often should you do it? What should you use?

Worry not curly friends, because today we’re giving you the lowdown on clarifying your hair.

How do I know when to clarify?

Do you feel like your hair is flat and dull? Is there product build-up on your curls right after you get out of the shower? Do you deal with scalp issues like flakiness or dandruff?

If so, you probably need to clarify ASAP.

How often should I clarify?

Here’s when it gets tricky: there is no right or wrong answer to this.

If you’re using products with silicones in them, then you might want to clarify more often. Or if you live in an area with hard water, clarifying cleansers should be your best friend.

All in all, you should really plan to clarify your curls at least once a month but no more than once a week in place of your normal cleansing routine. Over-clarifying your hair can lead to dryness, so definitely make sure to do it only once a week.

What should I use to clarify and how do I do it?

We may be biased but our favorite product to clarify with is Buildup Buster.

Buildup Buster is formulated with micellar water (yes, the stuff you love to clean your face with) to attract dirt, oil, and product buildup on the hair and scalp to reveal fresh, shiny curls.

Don’t worry though, Buildup Buster won’t strip your curls and it’s even packed with moisturizing ingredients like jojoba.

Don’t believe us? Check out these major before and after pics of some of our favorite curly gals using Buildup Buster.


Clarifying is actually super simple and takes as long as it normally would to wash your hair.

In place of your normal cleanser, swap in your clarifier and massage the product into your scalp and work it through your mid-lengths to ends. Make sure you’re rinsing thoroughly to get rid of the buildup and cleanser. If you have low water pressure, flip your head over to distribute water easier. Lastly, follow up with your favorite conditioner or treatment to seal in the moisture.

How often do you clarify your hair? Have you tried Buildup Buster yet? Let us know below!


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