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Growing Out Curly Hair This Winter

Growing out your hair can be a painstaking process that takes a lot of care, time, and patience. Some of those are easier said than done, and for curly people, it can take twice as long to even see results depending on how tight the curl is. Now more than ever, we’re seeing people choose to grow out their curls because of quarantine. We put a guide together for growing out your curls over the winter months, what to expect, what you should do, and how things might go!

What You Need to Know

When growing out curly hair, there’s a couple of things you should expect. Curls, due to their nature, can give the impression that they grow slower than straight hair but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Curly hair, as long as it’s maintained through consistent trims, hydration, and moisture, can grow just as quickly as any other type of hair.

To ensure that you’re doing everything you can to care for your curls, book your trims with a  Deva Certified Stylist–you can look for a stylist near you by using our Find A Stylist Tool!

Some products we recommend to make sure your curls are well moisturized and hydrated are Melt Into Moisture for deep conditioning weekly, Heaven In Hair for when you need a bit more moisture than One Condition, and Deep Sea Repair if you heat style or color your curls.

What to Expect

As curly hair grows, especially tighter curls, you can expect to lose some length due to shrinkage. Not to worry though, as shrinkage is normal and healthy, and a sign of hydrated and happy curls. Also, during the process of curl growth, you may experience a change in curl patterns or emergence of new curl patterns. Having different curl patterns is normal even with short curly hair, and as your hair grows, the length, combined with gravity, may loosen your curl pattern or even change your pattern altogether. It’s all part of this new change, embrace it!

Now, let’s get into what your growing curly hair needs. Long curly hair requires some extra love, and here’s some of what that might look like for you. As your curls grow, you’ll need to put more focus into conditioning the ends of your hair strands, as they are now more prone to splits, dryness, and damage. And you’ll definitely want to show your ends some extra love if you’re not able to routinely get to your stylist for trims. We recommend using Leave-In Decadence and focusing application mid shaft to ends before applying your other styling products so you’re working on a good moisturized base.

With more length comes more possibilities for tangles, so expect to spend a little more time on detangling. We recommend detangling in the shower with either your fingers or a wide tooth comb and preferably with a product that provides a lot of slip, such as One Condition Original, One Condition Decadence, or Heaven In Hair. Another thing you’ll find with longer hair is longer dry time. You may not always have the ability to air dry, especially with tighter curls which take a lot longer to dry, so you might need to start diffusing your hair. We recommend our DevaFuser, which provides 360-degree airflow to dry your curls faster while maintaining definition.

We hope our tips and tricks are helpful in growing out your curls! We always recommend talking to your stylist for questions you may have for your specific curls. With patience, care, and the right products and tools, you’ll have long, luscious, and most importantly healthy-looking curls in no time. Happy growing!


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