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Give Your Curls Life: DevaCurl Stylers

Now that we’ve broken down the perfect cleansing and conditioning routine (check it out here!) for all of our curlfriends out there, it’s time to talk DevaCurl stylers. If you’re searching for the right styling products to hold, define, and tame frizz, look no further! Today we’re breaking down everything you need to know about DevaCurl stylers.

Why do I need to use styling products?

The need for styling products really all comes down to personal preference and lifestyle (and some people may not use stylers at all!) Before choosing a styler, ask yourself these questions: Do I live in an area where the weather affects how my hair looks? Is my hair usually dehydrated and in need moisture? How often do I wash my hair? Do I struggle with frizz (and if so, does that bother me?) and lastly, how do I want my curls to look? These questions will allow you to figure out if you need products that provide hold, definition, frizz-control, elongation, or moisture.

Now that you’ve been able to narrow down what your hair needs (and how you want it to look), let’s get into some DevaCurl stylers.

Choosing your styler: hold

If you live in a humid climate or like to stretch out your wash day results, then you’ll most likely want to grab a product that will provide hold. Our gels are the perfect styler to use on wash day because they provide amazing hold but don’t leave your strands feeling hard or crunchy. If you’re looking for a product that is lightweight but still provides some hold, try our Light Defining Gel. If you need a gel that will allow you to go 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6) days between washing, try our Ultra Defining Gel. And if you’re really looking for a gel that will pack a punch when it comes to hold, Arc Angel Gel is perfect for you. Not only will gels help hold your curls, they will also help eliminate frizz when applied on soaking wet hair.

If you’re not into gels (or need extra extra hold), try using our Flexible Hold Hairspray to finish off your styling routine! Using Flexible Hold Hairspray on wet hair after applying the rest of your styling products will not only tame frizz and provide some hold, but it also helps speed up drying time.

Choosing your styler: all volume, no frizz

Are you ready to pump up the volume? We’ve got the perfect DevaCurl stylers for you! If your hair is fine and tends to get weighed down easily, Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam is going to be your new go-to. It’s super lightweight but leaves waves and curls feeling plump, full of volume, and frizz-free.

Have strands that need more moisture? Try out SuperMousse! SuperMousse is unlike traditional mousses that leave your hair feeling crunchy because it’s packed with moisture and ingredients that are nourishing for your curls. SuperMousse works best for people with denser hair that is able to absorb a moisture-rich product. It creates mega volume that will last until next wash day!

Choosing your styler: texture control

In addition to products that provide hold and volume, we also offer quite a few products that define and plump curls. Our best-selling cream styler, SuperCream, is amazing for our curlfriends with a denser curl type who need all the moisture they can get. SuperCream defines, hydrates, provides hold and frizz-control all in one! It’s basically like a superhero. Plus, it smells like coconut, so you feel like you’re on a tropical island every wash day! We also offer Styling Cream which provides the same benefits of SuperCream, just with less moisture. We recommend Styling Cream for curlies who have a finer hair density and only need a bit of hydration.

Have wavy hair? Then you’re going to love Wave Maker. Wave Maker is a cream styler formulated to enhance the natural wave pattern without causing frizz. We also recommend using Wave Maker before a gel or foam to really amp up the volume and hold.

Contrary to popular belief, B’Leave-In is actually not a leave-in conditioner but rather a curl plumper. We like to use B’Leave-In as the primer before applying the rest of your products to really enhance definition and shine. Some people even like using B’Leave-In on its own—it’s that good!

Choosing your styler: finish it off

Some of our curlfriends like to end their styling routine with a finishing product to achieve more hold, shine, or moisture. And if this sounds like something you’re interested in, we’ve got the best products for you!

Spray Set It Free all over your hair after applying the rest of your stylers for an extra boost of moisture. It can also be used on dry curls to refresh in between wash days.

High Shine is our nourishing oil for curls that we love to use to scrunch out the cast once our curls are fully dry. Simply spritz a bit on your hands and scrunch into your curls to achieve major shine and moisture.

Lastly, don’t forget to use Flexible Hold Hairspray on your styled hair whether you’re doing a wash ‘n’ go or creating a gorgeous hairstyle! Flexible Hold Hairspray will give you hold and frizz-control all day long.

Cocktail for the perfect routine for you!

When you’re trying to find the right curl routine for you, it’s important to note that not everyone’s hair is the same! What works for some people may not work for you and vice versa—and that’s totally okay. Our strands have individual needs and have different history so make sure to experiment and play around with different styling cocktails and application techniques to find the right routine for you.

What are you favorite DevaCurl stylers? Which ones do you want to try out? Let us know below!


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