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Get Your CurlBond Pro Boost In-Salon Hair Treatment

We know that the curlier the hair, the more susceptible it is to damage because of the internal stress put on the bends where fibers twist to create a curl pattern. We also know that curly hair has more disulfide bonds than straight hair. And curls can become limp and loose when disulfide bonds are broken during chemical processes like coloring and relaxing treatments. So, we made our CurlBond treatment line to create a curl-specific formula to help repair existing damage, re-coil curls, and protect them against future damage! Not only did we create CurlBond products you can take home with you, but we also created CurlBond Pro Boost, specifically formulated for our professional stylist community, so you and your stylist can repair your waves, curls, and coils from the inside out and keep them safe from future chemical and mechanical damage. Keep reading to learn more about CurlBond Pro Boost!

What is CurlBond Pro Boost?

CurlBond Pro Boost is formulated with our Patented CurlBond Complex which helps repair curls from the inside out! It is ideal for damaged waves, curls, and coils that need help repairing damage from chemicals such as a color service, as well as mechanical damage that can come from heat, brushing, protective styles, and friction.

CurlBond Pro Boost is a 5 minute, in-salon treatment that works quick to help curls bounce back from any damage. This is a professional hairstylist exclusive product so you have to go into your local Deva stylist to get this treatment!

If your waves, curls, or coils are damaged, we recommend having the CurlBond Pro Boost treatment done every 4 to 6 weeks, while also making sure to maintain your curls with a trim or cut with your local Deva Stylist.  Make sure to use our Find A Stylist Tool at to find a Deva Stylist near you so you can get your first or next CurlBond Pro Boost treatment!

How Is It Different From The CurlBond Re-Coiling Treatment Mask?

CurlBond Pro Boost is formulated for professional use only and is available exclusively as a salon service. CurlBond Pro Boost contains more conditioning properties than our standard CurlBond formulas and works quicker to deliver instant re-coiling of damaged curls. It also softens and tames frizz up to 50 washes and helps maintain the integrity of curls after a color-service. CurlBond Re-Coiling Treatment Mask is formulated for at-home consumer use and is the ideal client take-home to maintain the results from the Pro service.

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