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Freshen Up With Spring Curly Hair Styles

Spring is here which means longer and sunnier days! With the weather getting hotter, wash days tend to happen more often which can be drying to curls, especially when you factor in other environmental stressors such as direct and intense heat from the sun, chlorine from pools, saltwater from beach days, and the excess sweat that comes from the continuous hot weather. We wanted to round up some of the cutest and easiest hairstyles for you and your curls so it’s easier for you to extend your washdays and keep your hair up and out of the way for those hotter days.

Spring Curly Hair Styles

Curls looking a bit drab but think you can get one more day out of them? All you have to do is grab your favorite headband and some High Shine! Part some curls towards the front of your face from the rest, place the headband where you made the part, and then spray some High Shine in your palms and scrunch it into your curls to add some shine and help with frizz.

All you need for these styles are some cute headbands you may already have, some cute scarves you’ve been dying to use, and some silk or satin scrunchies! We also recommend grabbing High Shine and spraying some on your palms to reduce frizz that can be caused by friction when handling your curls.

Grab your bobby pins and some High Shine, of course, to create this faux hawk look without having to take clippers to your curls! We recommend using bobby pins that are the color of your hair so you can hide them well. Use your hands to gently lift your curls up on each side of your head and secure them with the bobby pins. Follow up with Flexible Hold Hairspray and High Shine to add shine and fluff your curls. Want to add a little bit of spice to the look? Get yourself some decorative bobby pins to add on after your curls have been secured!

Still need more options? Grab your satin and silk scrunchies again and a hair clip big enough to gather up your curls! Style your curls in a half up/half down look with a scrunchie and leave some curls out in front for a cute effortless look. Grab your hair clip and just gather your curls in a low updo or just rock your favorite headband!

What style are you going to be trying? Let us know in the comments below!


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