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FlexFactor Curl Protection & Retention Primer

We know that our curl community expresses themselves through their curls in a number of different ways—blowouts, straightening, color, protective styling, and more. And while DevaCurl has always been a champion for wearing your hair natural, we knew it was time to evolve with our curlfriends to offer the community a product that would allow them to flex between different styles without worrying about damaging their curls! That’s where FlexFactor comes in. Read on to learn about one of DevaCurl’s newest products, FlexFactor Curl Protection & Retention Primer.

What is FlexFactor?

We created FlexFactor to arm clients and stylists with a product that will protect curl memory. Curl memory is the hair’s ability to revert back to its original pattern. This means that FlexFactor offers protection from heat and mechanical styling as well as shields the hair strands from damage caused by UV light and friction. It provides heat protection up to 450-degrees plus it fills in cracks and holes in the hair shaft revealing slick and smooth strands. This means that you can wear your curls natural, blow them out, color them, and experiment with different hairstyles, all without the damage!

FlexFactor is super lightweight and won’t leave a heavy or greasy feeling on your strands. It also helps to seal the appearance of split ends for healthy-looking hair from the inside out.

Who is it for?

FlexFactor can be used by any hair type or texture! Because of its non-greasy, lightweight feeling, it won’t weigh the hair down or cause fine hair to fall flat. Even if you don’t heat style or color your hair often, FlexFactor is still great to use in your styling routine because it also protects hair from the sun, brushing/detangling, and even sleeping!

How do I use FlexFactor?

Ready to incorporate FlexFactor into your styling routine? Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Shake well and apply FlexFactor in sections before styling.

Step 2: FlexFactor can be used daily on wet or dry hair.

Step 3: Do not rinse and then get to styling!

Don’t forget to apply FlexFactor onto your strands before going out into the sun, wearing a hat, or going to sleep. All of these activities (and more) can cause breakage and weaken the hair strands. FlexFactor will help prevent future damage, even when you’re not thinking about it!

Are you excited to try FlexFactor? Let us know down below!


Dermatologist Tested -


Sulfates Free


Silicone Free


Paraben Free