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Shopping for new hair products can get overwhelming, especially when you have dozens of options to choose from. We totally get it. It can be especially tough when you’re deciding what styler(s) work best for your hair type. Cream vs. gel?! Pomade vs. hairspray?! SO MANY DECISIONS!

Worry not curlfriends. Today we’re breaking down the importance of using stylers and what stylers work best for your curl needs.

Why should I be using stylers?

In a perfect world, we curly peeps could quite *literally* wash ‘n’ go. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. If most curlies brace the world without any sort of stylers in their hair, they would most likely face frizz, dehydration, and a just an overall lack of definition.

This is exactly why using stylers are so important. Incorporating stylers into your hair routine can shut down frizz, replenish hair’s moisture, hold the natural curl, create definition, and so much more. Essentially, stylers shape and hold your curls by forming a film on your hair which creates a bonding effect that holds the hair in place.

With that being said, it can be difficult narrowing down your styler options to find the best fit for your hair type and concerns. This is when we come in.

What stylers should I be using?

If you’re looking for a styler that will give you a long-lasting hold and shut down frizz, gels are the way to go. Gels create major definition because they attract adjacent hairs to each other creating ‘clumps’ (it’s a good thing) of curls.

  • Light Defining Gel: This is DevaCurl’s lightest hold gel. If you have curly hair, this one is your best bet.
  • Ultra Defining Gel: If you’re looking to amp up the hold a bit, Ultra Defining Gel should be your go to. This ultra hold gel works best for wavies and super curlies.
  • Arc Angel Gel: Arc Angel provides maximum hold and is perfect for any curly that’s looking for that strong definition.

If moisture is a concern for you, cream stylers should be your new best friend. Cream stylers add moisture into your styling routine which traps hydration in, thus keeping frizz out.

  • Styling Cream: This is the cream styler that is made for curls that just need that extra boost of moisture. It will also help maintain definition and softness throughout the day. We recommend it to curly girls.
  • SuperCream: One of DevaCurl’s most popular products, SuperCream, is an all-in-one styler that provides ultra-moisture to dry hair while also providing hold and definition. Super curlies, you’ll need this baby in your product arsenal.
  • Wave Maker: This one’s for all the wavy girls/guys out there. The lightweight formula doesn’t weigh hair down and creates amazing definition and texture.
  • Super Stretch: The newest addition to DevaCurl’s styling line, Super Stretch is made for super curlies that are looking to elongate curls as well as provide extra moisture.

Looking for that extra volume and plumpness? We’ve got a few products to help with that, too.

  • Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam: This lightweight, volumizing foam is perfect for all curl kind. It not only provides volume, but it also boosts texture and definition.
  • B’Leave-In: If you want your curls to appear thicker and plump, this one is for you. We love scrunching it in before gel to add in that extra texture.
  • The Curl Maker: This baby can work two different ways; as a spray gel and as a refresher. Apply on freshly washed hair for some extra hold and on 2nd day hair for a refreshing volume.
  • Beautiful Mess: This styler provides an un-done textured look and volume at the same time!

If you’re looking to refresh hair (because let’s be serious, we try to avoid washing our hair as often as possible), these are the ones for you.

  • Mist-er Right: This spray actually re-activates the stylers that were already in your hair to create perfect curls without washing again. It works for all curl kind.
  • No-Comb Detangling Spray: If you struggle with knots and tangles on 2nd (or 3rd…or 4th…) day hair, this spray will come to the rescue. And it’s great for all curl types.

Looking to hold a style? Try Flexible Hold Hairspray. Trying to give curls that mirror-like shine? Mirror Curls was made for you. Struggling with moisture loss and frizz? Set It Free is the perfect finishing step in your routine.

Can I use them together?

Absolutely! DevaCurl stylers were formulated to be mixed, cocktailed, and used together to cover all hair needs and concerns. Here are some of our favorite styler combinations for each curl type.

We also love cocktailing products together (i.e. B’Leave-In and Ultra Defining Gel) to create the perfect one-step styler. It’s all about what works for your curls and what you want to see from your stylers. And that’s what’s fun about it! Playing with products to find out how/what works best for you can be exciting to test out and rewarding once you find your perfect routine.

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