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Dry Curly Hair Products and Other Fall Curl Care

When the leaves start changing, we look forward to fall activities such as pumpkin/apple picking and the endless debate of pumpkin spiced latte vs. apple cider. For curly people, it’s also the perfect time to switch up your routine with the cooler weather upon us, so we’re here to help you give your curls what they need to keep them happy and moisturized.

Prepping for the Cool Weather

If you haven’t been deep conditioning (it’s okay, we’ve all been there), now is a good time to start! Cooler weather means drier hair no matter the curl type. Plus, you’re going to start wearing thicker layers that are going to be rubbing against your curls, you’ll be dealing with dryer weather indoors because of the heat, and you’ll most likely be diffusing more often because who wants to step outside with soaking wet hair while it’s frigid!

While we can’t control all of these factors we can control how often we condition our curls. We typically recommend deep conditioning 1-2x a month depending on what your curls need and their current state.

For a deep conditioning treatment to use on a weekly basis grab Melt Into Moisture. It’s our matcha butter conditioning mask that provides ultra-moisture and will give your curls a punch of moisture when they need it.

For when you need more moisture than one of our One Condition formulas, grab Heaven In Hair. It’s a pretty versatile product and can be used as a quick deep conditioner in the shower or overnight–and you can even leave some of it on your curls before applying your styling products for added moisture.

Grab Leave-In Decadence to use after cleansing and conditioning to add lightweight moisture to your curls before continuing with the rest of your styling routine. If you have a looser or finer curl texture, focus application from mid-shaft to ends as curls tend to be the driest there.

A good habit to have is to cleanse with one of our No-Poo Cleansers that won’t strip your curls of their natural oils, which they’re going to need, and even leave some One Condition on your curls before styling for added moisture.

How do you plan on keeping your curls moisturized this season? Let us know in the comments!


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